Air purifer recommendations

caflowerluverMay 25, 2006

We are doing some major dust making remodeling, and have lots of concrete dust in the air. Can anyone recommend a good air cleaner that has washable filters? I feel like even though I have done extensive cleaning I am still breathing in all the dust. Thanks.

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One of the best "cleaners" is a mobile evaporative cooler ... the kind that sucks air through wet pads.

It will trap the dust in the pads, and they can be washed or replaced.

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Kenmore and Honeywell both make a good product. Make sure the air cleaner is a HEPA cleaner, not "hepa-like".

Clean or change the cleaner filters regularly, and change your A/C-heating duct filters at least monthly.

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Thanks for the recommendations. Sorry didn't get back sooner, in the thick of it, remodeling that is.

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I have a Hamilton Beach HEPA filter. It doesn't have washable filters but they last a while before needing replacement. I love it because it tells you what the air quality is while it's on. You can watch it go from "poor" to "excellent". Whatever you do, don't get the Ionic Breeze.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ionic Breeze Quadra Gets Bad Review

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organic lizzie - thanks for the link and your recommendation. I will check it out.

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