Microsoft Personal Web Server 4.0

Joanne_57March 1, 2002

I have 10mg, web space with my ISP, I just want to start

right away creating my site. Do you think I could just use

MS Personal Web Server 4.0 ? I use MIE & don't really want to download Netscape for a 2nd browser.

At my workplace, I use PageMill to create & Voyager to upload (but I did not create the site myself, only maintain it) our company site,and its fairly easy for me there, but here at home I only want to create a small garden-site,

with some pictures & very little hassles. any "quicky" suggestions? All you good peoples are great, I'm gonna have to contribute next week as a proper member.



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You use Personal Web Server run the web site on your computer. Since you want to use the 10mb your ISP is providing, you need something to create the pages and upload them to your web space on your ISP's server.

MS Frontpage seems to be popular (I don't use it myself). You can also use Word or I think most of the Office products let you export it as html.


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I use MS Publisher 2000. Just use it as you would a publishing program. It changes your files into html and uploads to your web space for you.

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