Ginkgo biloba

emmaMay 2, 2013

Our local newspaper had a study report released on Ginkgo Biloab, The report said it causes cancer and liver problems in rats. I think that is a bad sign and don't imagine they will test it on humans.

There is another report saying that it doesn't help prevent AZ

Here is a link that might be useful: Ginkgo biloba

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Ginkgo Biloab is to help blood flow and not a cure for Alzheimer's. Some natural Doctor say that Alzheimer's Disease is a doctor caused, because they put patience on cholesterol diets and statin drugs. Your brain is cholesterol and how can you repair it.

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I know you can't cure AZ, I posted this alert for people taking it. It just another drug and it doesn't help memory and that it is dangerous to take.

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They [The medical monopoly] says that AZ can not be cured but there is a few doctors that are having very good success. Check out Dr Joel Wallach and the other natural path doctors.

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Sorry Doug, but AZ can't be cured or helped. The brain cells are dead and can't be restored. There was atrophy in my husbands brain.

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Sorry to hear that.
Have you at leased checked out Dr Joel Wallach or just excepted what the doctors tell you. If it was me I would never stop until I was cured

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My husband passed away in 2007, if there was a cure for AZ no one would have it very long. The doctor is selling something.

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Friend took ginkgo biloba & baby aspirin & she was running into things, I asked her what she was doing different & she had just taken the ginkgo for couple of days, along with aspirin it was too much thinning of the blood &. made her very woozy. She quit the ginkgo & was Ok after few hours

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Sunny my sister takes lots of Shakely products and her personality has changed 100%. Partly due to her husband leaving her, but I think some of it due to the herbs and things she takes. She thinks they are natural and can't hurt anyone, but they are drugs and a lot of them are blood thinners. She mentioned a friend drinking Echinacea tea and I told her it can cause people to hallucinate. She said, oh, I have to tell because she is hallucinating.

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