Web Site Uploading??

bunky_miMarch 10, 2006

I have some Web space that came with my internet service, you have to load using FTP to the server.. I have a Geocities cite that I made, I would like to transfer that page over to my web space, But I don't know much about HTML..

Can someone tell me how to transfer this? Od of a program that I can make a new page without HTML and load it up to the webspace..??

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I've never used Geocities, but when you edit your site do you save it to your hard drive? If so then all you have to do is open your FTP program and simply upload the htm or html file plus any graphic files to your server. You will have to get the information from your internet provider for the information to use in the FTP program.

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I have some Geocities sites which I've backed up onto my hard drive in the past. What I would do is then go to the other web space, find the instructions for FTP uploading, and then just select all the Geocities files off the hard drive and upload.

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Using your name and password, you should be able to bring a new connection window (via FTP) for ftp.geocities.com

Once your new location's window and the geocities window are both in view, you should be able to drag the files from one to another...

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To make it easier just open a browser, erase whats there and type in the bar:


Do this again by opening a second browser, but insert the imformation for your old location.

This will take you directly to your files and you can drag and drop between the two. Or you can drag and drop from your documents also.

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