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usabonkersMay 23, 2010

Is there another forum for this type question? For the last several years I have been home bound, my choice. I am too paranoid to leave the house alone. I am fine if I am with someone. I won't go out to get the mail, work in the yard, etc. Is there a pill that would boost my confidence? I have no confidence, even to the point of not cooking for my family because I'm afraid of what they may think. I used to be a somewhat decent cook. I have no opinions for fear of hurting someone's feelings. I just go along with the popular answer. Where can I find out answers to these questions or find help to any of them. I really want to know if there's medicine for it or talk therapy. Although I don't think I would talk out loud. I'm also afraid to answer or talk on the phone.


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What you are describing is a recognized illness/anxiety disorder with a name - agoraphobia - and you aren't alone in this. Asking about possibility of change and recovery may mean you are ready to take the steps to reverse it and return to a healthier life, the place to begin would be with your doctor who could refer you to the right specialist in your area. Medications and cognitive therapies are available to you - please make an appointment and arrange for someone you trust to take and go with you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mayo Clinic information Agoraphobia

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try healthboards, they have all kinds of boards available

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has anyone dealt with a child or family member who is a cutter? what helped them recover from it? please give me any info regarding this disorder.

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morz8, please email me, I have something that I KNOW will help you. No side effects. :) Arum

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