Sinus surgery update

superbeeMay 28, 2004

This is an update on my previous posting re. sinus surgery.

First of all, thanks to those that responded to my post with messages of support.

I had my surgery yesterday morning at 10 AM and was back home at around 4 PM. I woke up from sleep feeling absolutely fine waiting for them to wheel me into the operating theater and they told me everything was OVER!!I had no clue what happened LOL. I was having the usual after effects...lots of bleeding from the nose and a headache. I took a painkiller and the head ache is almost gone. I am out of anaestheisa now and feeling better. The bleeding is also not as bad.

So thank you for your messages. They've been an immense source of support for this person who has only been to the hospital once in her life..for the birth of my DS two years ago!!


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Your welcome SuperB,
Glad it went so well for you. Hope you find relief from whatever problem you had that prompted this surgery.

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