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john_nyMarch 7, 2002

I have a commercial web site that I paid good money for, and I'm not too happy with it. It's for a nursery business, and I wanted to have at least one page that I could get into, and edit, to reflect changing availability. When I asked the person who designed the site about this, she said that I would have to go through her to make the changes. This is not practical, since there could be changes every day or two, and I am sure that others in the same situation have a better way to do it. When I asked again, she said that there really was no way I could do it, if I didn't have a web page editor. Well, I have a couple, but haven't really taken much time to learn how to work them. Now, however, since this is what I'll need, I figured I'd better start practicing.

I was using Coffee Cup HTML Editor. I don't know if they all work the same, but on this one the wizard kind of walks you through, and you can click to view the work, as you progress, after each step.

I thought I would put a heading, in big letters, across the top. That worked fine. Then I figured I'd put a picture under that, and under that, a line of text, and finally, under all, some tables, in which I could list the availabilty.

After I put the picture in, that was supposed to be below the heading, I checked the progress, and the picture was above, not below, the heading. Subsequently, the text appeared above the picture, and the tables appeared above everything. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.

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I cant help you as I am just learning too, so you are not alone! I have encountered the same problems as you and would like to know the solution to what I'm doing wrong.

I have used Cute HTML which is very user friendly but it expires after 30 days, and Front Page Express which is good too, and does not appear to expire.

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First think I would do is fire her. You are the customer, she should do what you ask. Sounds like what you really need is a database driven web site, or at least that page you want to change should be.

It sounds like you just want to make simple changes to a page. As long as you have ability to upload to the server, you can use any text editor to make simple changes.

You can practice by viewing the source of the existing page, and then make the change, save it to you disk, and then use the browser to look at the change. If the change is OK, then you can upload it.

Now, do you have the your web server login id and password?

As for the problem you are having, html is actually very simple thing. You should try to look at some source of the pages which are simular to the one you are trying to create/modify. Who knows what the wizard is doing.

Code for a simple page with heading, jpg picture, and a table should be something like:
(head)(title)Should match or close to heading(/title)(/head)
(h1)heading here(/h)
(img src='picture.jpg')
(tr)(td)row1 col1(/td)(td)row1 co2(/td)(/tr)
(tr)(td)row2 col1(/td)(td)row2 co2(/td)(/tr)

*** REPLACE THE open and close paren with less than and grater than signs ****

Try to learn some basic html, it will help you later even if you use GUI based html later.

Good luck,


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John, the best thing you can do is go to

HTML Goodies

and read up on how to make webpages. Then you see what you are doing building your own webpages. Later on after you learn some things you can start looking for a E-Commerce website editor that should do quite well making your website. I have one called Multiactive ecBuilder. The only time you will need some real help on your webpage is when you need a CGI bin to take orders over the net. There you can hire out to have someone build you a perl script to run your CGI-bin. This is rather easy to setup for someone who knows the Perl language. You can even setup a business thru Yahoo, Geocities, and many other Hosts where they will help you setup a E-Comm site.


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I like Homesite though I've never used the WYSIWYG editor. It's the same as Notepad except it adds a bit of colour to your code. Makes it a little easier to read.


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Hi Dan,
Thank you very much for your help. I tried entering the same items again using the wizard. I did it in the order shown.
The first thing was, "Page title. (appears in the browser title bar)"
I typed in, "Plants & Flowers" here.
Next, I entered a heading. I picked size 7, font- brush script, a red color, and centered, and typed in, "Plants & Flowers"
The third thing I put in was an image. I browsed for a picture, picked height, width, alignment and centered.
Next was paragraph. I picked size, font, color, and centered, and typed in, "Check availability below."
Last item entered was table. To keep it simple, I made it just 2 columns, and 2 rows.
Starting at top of page, what I wanted was:

What I got, in preview, was, from top:

The code came out like this:
(table width="100%" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="2")
(tr)(!-- Row 1 --)
(td)Â (/td)
(td)Â (/td)
(tr)(!-- Row 2 --)
(td)Â (/td)
(td)Â (/td)

(/table)(!-- Created with CoffeeCup HTML Express 5.0 --)
(!-- --)
(TITLE)Plants & Flowers.(/TITLE)

(BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#0000FF" ALINK="#FF0000" VLINK="#990099")
(CENTER)(IMG SRC="Blue Hydrangea.jpg" BORDER=0 ALT="" HEIGHT="222" WIDTH="326" ALIGN="ABSMIDDLE")(/CENTER)(P>)
(A HREF="")(/A>

(CENTER)(FONT FACE="Times New Roman" SIZE="3")Check availability below.
(CENTER)(FONT FACE="Brush Script" SIZE="7" COLOR="#CC3300")Plants & Flowers(/FONT)(/CENTER)(P)

To answer your question, Yes, I do have the log-in and PW.

Thanks for taking a look.


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Oh great, now even the posting here is coming out convoluted. Try reading the above from the middle (starting with Hi Dan) to the bottom, and then going to the top, and reading down to the middle. There is also a (/HEAD) missing after (/TITLE), and there is an extra > after "ABSMIDDLE")(/CENTER)(P

Sorry about that.


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Hi John,

Humm, how did your post get messed up? You didn't use the CoffeeCup HTML editor did you? Just kidding.

This is one of the problems using software to create html pages. You have to learn the software, and every one of them will have different interface and will generate different html.

What I use is a programmer editor called Visual SlickEdit to code my html (I already had it). However, I sometimes use Dreamweaver to do fast prototyping, but once I get the layout and the look I want, I manually code using the editor. I find I prefer this way, since Dreamweaver (even though people say it has clean code) puts in attributes I do not want.

I still think you will learn much faster if you just use notepad or any other text editor to make changes to the existing pages of your web site. There are many html resources on the web. But it seems that you already have looked at the basic tags which are used most of the time.

What you want to do is download your web site to your pc, and make changes to it and look at it from your pc. If you see tags you don't know or understand, look it up on one of the html references.

It might also be helpful if I can look at your site and know which page you want to change often. If it is violation you post your own web site here, just email me.

As for your current problem, the attribute like align=absmiddle is not standard attribute (its Netscape extention). Try to remove it (how I don't know using the CoffeeCup). See you are not having html problem, but your html editor problem. I went to their site 8 million download, they don't say how many actual users. I wonder how many use it for more than few days.

Good luck,


Here is a link that might be useful: HTML 4.0 Tag Reference

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James S.- Thank you for the link. I'm sure I can learn something there. You mentioned an E-commerce website editor. When I went into the control panel for my site, I saw something about that. I'll have to check it out again.

Dan- Thank you for coming back. I'm going to gather up a little more info, and will get back. Thanks again to both.


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