Could this be due to shock of losing my mother?

starkatzSeptember 18, 2006

For almost 3 years I used the Implanon to prevent pregnancy, I found my periods to be almost a weekly occurrence, on 2nd June 2006, I had the thing removed. I then had a light, but normal period the start of July 2006.

On 13th July 2006 my mother passed away suddenly, I was at work when I received the news, naturally it came as a shock to me.

Since then, I have had no period at all, I am 38 this year and worry that I may not get anymore periods, I feel the sensation as though I'm about to get them, but nothing comes.

I have 2 children, my youngest is 11 years old. I am worried that this shock, from the loss of my mother and the Implanon has brought on early menopause, as I've gained a lot of weight quickly, I try to eat right, but I seem to feel constantly bloated.

I have been to my GP and had a blood test to see if I am pregnant but that came back negative.

I am feeling so depressed not only for the loss of my mother, but also, depressed that my chances of having another period.

I asked the GP if there was anything to assist me with getting my periods back, and he said that it might take 6 mths and there is nothing anyone can do. As I'm getting older I fear my chances of conceiving again are null and void.

I hope you have an answer for me.

Please help me


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Stress screws up hormones. Removing a birth control implant screws up hormones.

I'm with the GP: give it 6 months for your life to stabilize.

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thank you lazygardens, as you can imagine I feel quite numb, and thought it might be the shock and/or the birth control, I feel so bad for even worrying about it. But I am. I never saw it coming, one day she was here, the next day she's lying on a hospital bed dead before my eyes, I still can't get the image of her out of my head, I remember thinking, this can't be my mum, mum was so healthy and active, although she battled trying to lose weight, she was was healthy and always doing something.
I've submerged myself in work to try to get on with things, a few funny things have occurred like her picture falling several times off the desk when no one is near it, talk back radio coming through speakers that have no power running through them, I feel like she is around me; maybe she is or maybe I just wish she was.

I'm grateful for this site where people can come and get things off their chests, or just have some comfort in knowing they aren't alone.

So, to whoever set this site up, thank you and God Bless.

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I also would agree that it is most likely stress related. Grief and stress and emotional duress can throw the cycles of the body into a tailspin. The effects of grief on the body can take months to run their course and I think it's good that you are finding something to immerse yourself in. I hope that things are on the uphill swing now!

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