need help building Go-Daddy web site

ivamaeMarch 26, 2004

I am trying to build a web site with Go-Daddy. I know absolutely no HTML. Shoud I be using Note Pad for the text or is Word all right? Also I will need to put on a PayPal Button. Go-Daddy says it is simple to do but as they sell something else,which I cannot afford, can offer no help. Is there anyone who could help me or should I just forget the whole thing. I'd appreciate any advice. I do not have a business at the present time.


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You have a domain name at godaddy? (*******.com)

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Yes, shortleaf 2002. That was the first thing I did. Ihave my pages prepared, using word, but wondeing if I should re do them on Note Pad. When I get it finished I do have 2 separate things I would like to market. That is the reason for the question re pay pal. When I lack so much knowledge, I'm really confused. I am also a senior for quite a few years so that probably doesn't help any either.
Thanks for your reply

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Do you have webspace (a host), a place to put your webpages?
Most likely you do have, it isn't hard to get. Even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) probably has some to offer that comes with your membership, whether it is suitable for your needs is another matter.

Don't be silly, being a senior isn't a disadvantage to building a website!

The PayPal option isn't hard to do. First you sign up for the service which I think involves giving them some financial info. (bank acct. or credit card acct. I think),
then you copy and paste a bit of code (where you want it) into your site and the button appears and is ready for use.

One html help site also that is good for beginners is it says help for kids but it is help for everybody, they also have a popular help forum.


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I ordered the Go-Daddy Webiste To-night which includes hosting. What I have with my ISP as not suitable.
I do have a Pay Pal account as well. When I asked them for coding they sent me about a half page of material which I don't understand at all and told me that was what I needed. I find it hard to think it needs all that. I'll check out the site you advised.
Thanks so much for your encouragement.

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