Health myths

emmaMay 25, 2013

I find all myths very interesting so thought I would pass this one on. I read a lot so I was aware most of it was myths.

Eating low fat foods will make you healthier is also a myth. Read the nutrition information on the package, It may have more of the stuff in it that you don't want, more than regular food.

Here is a link that might be useful: Health Myths

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Another myth is we have the best medical system. It is the most expensive. There is a news report.

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Myth that type 2 diabetes can not be cured. When you have a deficiency of two particular minerals the result is type 2 diabetes and when you get these minerals and supporting minerals into your system diabetes disappears.

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Wow!! That a great information...

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Hi Jenny, I am always interested in myths. They just keep on being passed down to younger generations. I got a kick out of the one about 70% of your body's heat goes out the top of your head so wear a cap, not true. 8 glasses of water a day, not true. Now if I could just remember all of the things I learn. I should have had this desire to learn when I was a teenager. LOL

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If You Go Out With Wet Hair, YouâÂÂll Catch a Cold.

The truth is: You will feel cold but will be just fine healthwise, says Jim Sears, a board-certified pediatrician in San Clemente, California, and a cohost of the daytime-TV show The Doctors. He cites a study done at the Common Cold Research Unit, in Salisbury, England, in which a group of volunteers was inoculated with a cold virus up their noses. Half the group stayed in a warm room while the rest took a bath and stood dripping wet in a hallway for half an hour, then got dressed but wore wet socks for a few more hours. The wet group didnâÂÂt catch any more colds than the dry. SearsâÂÂs conclusion: âÂÂFeeling cold doesnâÂÂt affect your immune system.âÂÂ

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How about the 'if you have high blood pressure, eliminate all sodium'. Only about 5% of the population is salt sensitive, and the medical community has FINALLY admitted that salt is NOT detrimental to MOST people.

Frankly, I follow my gut, and am healthier than most people. From what I see, a great deal of modern medical practices are based on myths (or downright untruths) that are propagated purely to sell products and services to make more money for the drs, drug companies, hospitals, etc

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I used to stay after school for swimming and then walked a mile home. One time Mom told me "your hair is frozen". Never bothered me.

Azzealea, my saying is I listen to my body. When I crave something I feel my body needs it, whether it is sweet or salty. I love circus peanuts candy and after eating one bag in 2 or 3 days, I don't even want to look at another piece of candy for 6 months.

I found other myths: George Washington was not our first president, truth is he was the 13th. We celebrate the 4th of July as the day of our independence when it was actually that was the signing of our independence. The war with Britain lasted another 7 years. Betsy Ross did not make our first flag and the list goes on.

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yeah its not always fat that is bad but what kind of fat.. trans fat and saturated fats are the worst.. omega fats are good for ya!

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And sometimes the "facts" debunking the "myths" are also myths!

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None of it is going to hurt me. I am no longer building strong bones and a strong body, so I can eat what I please. AND that is what my doctor told my Mom when she was my age. I have always believed that to be true. Whether it is true or not, I still eat what I want.

Some people won't believe the truth no matter who tells that it is true.

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another myth used buy internet scammers is that you can grow taller at any age... sorry to burst the bubble but once growht plates fuse you carnt

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