ZyperirisSeptember 30, 2008

Poem for Caesar

My beautiful boy.

Well he was a boy, but a kitten little boy.

His silky vanilla colored fur.

Blue eyes. Would look at me with such love.

Strange how things work out

He was supposed to be my daughterÂs cat.

He loved me and me only.

She triedÂbut he would sneak away and come to me.

I would wake up with his paw on my face purring away

Such love.

Then it was just he and I and his brother

who came along later.

Empty nest, no spouse, no kid, only me and my cats.

New Years eve, the boys and I watching the fireworks on Tv.

Curled up in my bed. Caesar purring so softly.

Always loving me

With little licks on my face when I least expected it.

For awhile I called him Sunshine..

You know the song,





I sang that song to him..curled up in my arms.

Caesar and I, with Max, simple Max.

Caesar, ahh so smart.

Jealous and protective of his place with me.

So vain with his fur.

Arrogant and proud.

A bit conceited.

Then he had to share me.

I was no longer alone.

When he could he would sneak into the bed

And try to get between hubby and I.

So jealous.

At times when he got me to himself

Such lay next to me and get his ears

RubbedÂI would still sing to him

Not as much.

The years go by.

My beautiful boy and I much older.

When did that happen?

A trip to the vet,

Cancer she said.

Only a month to love on him

Till it was time.

I held him

Told him how much I loved my beautiful boy.

Stroked his still silky fur

Until I saw the light go out of his blue eyes.

It was always just me. Only me

He loved.

What a gift.

Oh the tears.

I miss him now and always.


14 years old

Went over the Rainbow Bridge

March 13, 2007.

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Such a beautiful poem to a beautiful spirit! I am a lover of 3 small dogs and I know what it is like for a spirit to love you and ONLY you.

Bless you in your time of mourning for your Ceasar and believe in the Rainbow Bridge. They will be waiting to welcome us when we arrive and you will feel his supple body again and his purr on your cheek.

God bless.....


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I am so sorry for your loss.

lovely tribute / poem!

    Bookmark   October 2, 2008 at 2:31PM
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