Autostart a cd rom

cynicMarch 12, 2002

I'm trying to do promo cd rom, basically putting a small website onto a cd. I'm trying to put in an autorun.inf file to automatically open the initial screen in the user's browser. Not having much success. Anyone ever do anything like this or have an idea of how to achieve it? I tried putting in an autorun.inf with the open=startpage.htm, but it can't find the executable. It's probably something simple but it's not hitting me! I tried batch file but that wasn't the solution. The autorun has to be the key.



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Hi Ken,

Here is a link to Microsoft System Journal Q&A article.

Q How can I make a CD-ROM load an HTML file automatically when the disk is inserted into the drive?


Here is a link that might be useful: Article in MS System Journal

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Thanks Dan, I appreciate it. Found a software package that would put together the code to do it but this sounds a lot easier and faster. I'll know tomorrow!

Thx again!


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For anyone who is interested, thought I'd let you know that I found out that you have to run an executable from the autorun.inf. Short of compiling code you need to work around it a bit. There's a page that has a program that I used. Simple and effective! Worked perfect for me!


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