why cant people see photos on my website?

mildmay1March 8, 2002

I am a newbie at making a website from scratch, altho I have one with geocities.com that works very well and I understand how to use their Advanced Editor. I recently got my own domain name and put up a small website about my husband's business. I can see all of it and it's the way I planned it but two friends plus my son cant see any of the pix or graphics on their machines! One uses an ancient Netscape version, one uses IE, and my son had win98se and IE 5.5 on his machine.

Can anyone suggest why the pix would not show up? All you get is the outline box and the small red X in the top left corner.

I used CuteHTML for part of it and Front Page Express for part, so perhaps that's the problem? Why did I do that? Because I was mainly fiddling around to see which program I liked better (CuteHTML.)

Is there a way to check how your website works using various browsers?

Thanks in advance


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If you will give me the URL of your web site, I'll see if I can help


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It sounds like you can see the pictures because they are stored on your hard drive. When I upload my webpages to the server with one program all I have to do is upload the page and all files are automatically uploaded with it. But the other program I use I have to upload the webpage and then upload each graphic file that is on the page. If you will let us know the address for your webpage someone will be able to tell you what the problem is.

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Thanks for the replies. The URL is www.thetouchupguy.ca. It's the very beginning of a work in progress, there's not a lot there yet, I am still in the fiddling about stage.

Thanks for any help. I used SmartFTP to upload the pages.

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The problem you have is that the links to the pictures are pointing to your hard drive. For example: canada_blk.gif is pointing to file:///D:/frontpagexpress/touchup%20attempt/canada_blk.gif, it should be just canada_blk.gif if it is in same directory as the html file.

Also it doesn't look like the gif file is actually on the web site. At least not in the home directory of your web site.

So you actually have two reasons why the pictures do not show on the web, but shows on your computer. 1. The link is incorrect, 2. The gif files are not on the web site.

You said you used SmartFTP to upload the pages. You should use the publish from the File menu (I have Front Page, but I don't use it). That way I think it will resolve the links for you and get everything you need up to the web server in one shot.

Also if you actually have a directory called 'touchup attempt', rename it so it does not have a space. Notice in the above example there is %20 (hex value of space) is in place of the space.


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Thanks for your info. Would you pls try my site again and see if I've gotten it right? The photos now show up on my son's computer which also has win98se on it.


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Mildmay, I just checked out your page. The pictures showed up just fine. Everything looks good!

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Hi Maryann
Thanks for the positive report! The only thing I cant get to work is the counter, I will keep trying though!

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I see that you have the links to the pictures working on the home page. Now you just have to work on the photos in the photos directory. Same problem, links not correct and no photos on the web site.

Instead of counter, why not try Extreame Tracking. You can track visits to one page for free. It tells you a lot about the visitors, not just hit counter. I've used it on my kids basketball league web site for about a year. Now I just use the usage log provided by the web host, since that will track all of the pages. But in some respects, I like the report from the Extream Tracking.


Here is a link that might be useful: Extream Tracking Site

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