Physical reason for constant crying

cheerful1_gwMay 14, 2007

Whether it be anger or sadness, I'm quick to tears. Being 52 years old, you'd think I would have outgrown this. Can't blame menopause since I've been like this forever. It's affecting my marriage since my husband feels I need to grow up. I can't carry on an argument until I stop crying.

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I'm kinda the same way actually. I tear up at sad commercials!
It's possible you may just be sensitive or tender-hearted,or maybe it's something like depression?

I do think menopause can kinda "magnify" emotions like PMS does,so it could be a contributing factor. (When I PMS I cry over the silliest things I swear...and I KNOW I'm Pmsing but that somehow doesnt make me feel any better)

It's a shame your husband isnt more sensitive to your feelings.
Maybe you should talk to a doctor about it. If you are against anti-depressants,there are sure to be some other suggestions to help with it.
Make sure you're sleeping enough and eating healthy and getting enough exercise,as lack of all those things can damper your mood.

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Please see a doctor and see if he/she can help. I'm on antidepressants and if I don't take them, I cry all the time for stupid reasons.

Good luck.

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Antidepressants will definitely help this. It will take about a month to level off your moods once you start taking them, but give it a try.

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Why not just get your estrogen levels tested and find out if thats it?

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