Keeping graphics URLs in Front Page?

weedwomanMarch 8, 2005

Okay, I know the real answer to this is for me to learn more, but this would make my life a lot easier right now...

I am making changes to an existing web site which I did not set up, and I don't have access to the people who did. I have downloaded pages into Front Page, edited them, and used the upload tool on the host site to put them back. This works fairly well, except most of the pictures show up as red x's. I got the URLs and used the html editor on the host site to paste the proper URL's back into the html text, and that worked, but what a pain.

How do I download and edit the page in Front Page but keep the correct urls for the graphics? They are in a different directory on the website from the html files.



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Read the help files

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Be sure that all the images you require for the pages are in the Image Folder. If they are in that folder and you've made the correct file associations you won't get the red X.

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This is sort of a moot point now, since I am not using Front Page anymore, but this was an existing page with existing images; I didn't do anything at all to the images or the references to them. Evidently when the program opened the file to edit it changed the image URL - maybe it downloaded the pictures too and linked to them on my computer instead - at any rate, when I uploaded the file the URL was wrong. I had a similar problem on Netscape Composer, although now it only does it for some images. I think I found a box that said don't change the original file, or something. I supposed there's something similar in Front Page but it must be buried deeper.

And Lazygardens, I DID look at the help files. If it was that easy to find the answer I wouldn't have bothered writing to the forum. As with a lot of programs, if you don't already have some idea of how the program works, it's very hard to know how to frame the question to get the answer you need. And you may not recognize it when you see it.


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