tetanus booster

macbirchMay 9, 2007

The last time I asked my doctor for the ten year tetanus booster he said they don't do that any more. Apparently you just get it if you have an injury that would require it. I'm in Australia. Are other people still getting these every ten years?

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hmmmmm, it may vary from place to place and doctor to doctor. In my area, the shot is given only when there is a chance it might be needed. There is a real danger that someone could develop an allergy to the serum (it's made from horse blood, I think) and then, when it is really needed, it could cause a big problem from an allergic reaction.

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I think we still do the 10-year updates in the US. The emergency room doctors seem to like to update them if they get you in for any kind of injury (animal bite, broken toe). But this doesn't mean Australia practice is wrong.

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Sometimes I think we in the U.S. go overboard on some things. I decided for myself that I didn't need this every 10 years, plus I was afraid I would have a reaction to it (I have fibromyalgia and don't know how I got it....maybe a vaccine). I was just going to get something if I got a deep cut. For me, it was 18 years, when I decided to have the booster. The booster also included Pertussis and diptheria.
I would suggest just using common sense. If you work outside alot and get alot of cuts/scratches, then it might make sense to keep up the booster, but if not, I think I wouldn't worry about it, until I got a deep cut.
When I used to work in the ER, if someone came in with an injury, we would give them the booster, plus a shot that would cover them immediately. I guess the thinking behind not doing this for everyone is that there may be a few people who get what they think is a superficial cut, when its not, and they get tetanus.
Sometimes here in the U.S., its hard for me to know what is reasonable to do, since I really think we over-do everything here.

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Tetanus is not routinely given unless an injury. Then it can be every 5 years if you have a concerning injury. And I believe the serum is from pigs now no longer horses.

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