Are all hardwood floors this easy to dent?

icenetJuly 20, 2009

I had my engineered maple hardwoods floors installed about a month ago. I chose maple for its color and hardness. I did extensive research to find a 4mm veneer wear layer.

I'm surprised at the number of dents in a short period of time. We have no kids or pets. I replaced the caster on my office chair with ones made for hardwood floors. They still left marks. I also put felt protection pads under all the furniture. Some of the dents I have no clue how they happened.

Granted, the dents are most visible when sunlight is reflected off the floor. Maybe my next floor with be unfinished rather than shinny.

Anyone have the same experience? Thanks !!!!

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All wood will dent.

Being you got an engineered, chances are the core plies under the top piece of thin Maple, are most likely a different species of wood. Pine, Rubberwood, Mahogany and other cheaper waste wood. They are not as dense/hard as the top surface.

Maple being a straight, tight grain, it is going to show character marking more so than an Oak.

The Janka scale is very misleading, and does not apply to engineered wood, made with multiple species of wood. It is the pressure it takes to press a ½" steel ball, a ¼ of an inch into the wood. Not the pressure it is going to take to put a small dent.

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Do you wear high heels? Are the pads you are using heavy duty and thick? The pads will also need to be cleaned regularly and replaced every few months (if on furniture that is moved frequently). We are having our solids hardwoods refinished right now and chose a lightly distressed look just to help hide the dents, scrapes and scuffs. NOT because we like the distressed look! Our solid hardwoods dent like heck too! They are white oak.

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floorguy said it best. Its not only the 'hardness' but the last of character makes maple show things more than an oak with lots of graining etc. If your floor has a gloss finish down the road you can screen and recoat using a matte finish. That may help but its an easy remedy.

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Ok, this is what I don't get. It seems most my indentations are due to my Dyson vacuum. But not the beater brush, but the ball and wheels. Yet my BDI coffee table (heavy, glass, wood and steel), leaves no indentations.

In reference to the finish, I thought the shiny look was due to the aluminum oxide. Can you get a matte finish with the aluminum oxide?


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The ball is actually a rolling point load and the wheels probably have sharp edges, which also make them point loads.

Your coffee table's load is static and spread out over an area...whatever the area of the coffee table feet happens to be...not a point load.

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When I finally have the engineered wood floors installed that are in boxes in my other room, how should I clean them if a vacuum cleaner causes damage?

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aluminum oxide are 'crystals' that are mixed in with the urethane during the coating process. AO actually clouds the finish so some mfctrs put the ao on then top coat with pure urethane. It has nothing to do with the shine, and yes you could recoat with a matte finish.

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Is that the Dyson DC25 all floor vacuum your using?

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Yes, it's the DC25.

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I have Hickory floors with Aluminum Oxide finish. I clean my floors by taking a dust mop to them, and then damp mop them according to my flooring manufactur by using very little dishsoap and water; I also switch off with Bona floor cleaner.

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