Sinus Infection and Body Pain

cheerful1_gwMay 24, 2006

Along with my sinuses hurting, my head, neck and shoulders hurt. I can also feel it in my back teeth. Can a sinus infection be that far reaching?

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A friend of mine has chronic sinusitis and he says lately when it starts it hurts his upper teeth first. That doesn't mean the infection is there, just all connected nerves I guess.

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Are you taking any medication? I know those sinus infections can hurt!

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I have Claritin-D 12 hour(24-hour knocks me out) and Flonase (from my last doctor visit). I plan to take it easy this weekend.

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cheerful1 I suffered for decades. Sinus pain can be debilitating. I tried every pill and spray out there. If I wasn't in pain, I was fuzzy. I recently discovered a 100% natural product that has completey stoped my sinus problems. I am no longer on medication. I can think clearly again. I am no longer in pain and I dont wake up with swolen eyes.
Please e mail me.

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Neither one of those medications are for sinus INFECTION. You need to see your doctor for something else. Both will reduce swelling due to allergic reaction, but you need something, probably an antibiotic to get to the bacteria before it spreads into nearby areas.

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Do a Goggle search for sinus infections and antifungals - there are some doctors who have had great success treating recurrent sinus infections with oral antifungals.

Ignore Lisa - she is trying to sell her stuff on all the forums.

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Now that is just down right untrue lydia. What is up with you people on this forum? I have suffered from chronic sinus problems for years and years, and that is EXACTLY why I tried the product I am taking. This forum is for people who are having problems and would like suggestions, not for people to bash those that have found things that really help. I have never run into such a bunch of rude negative people in my life. I will state one last time!!! I have NOT given ANY information to ANYBODY that would send them directly to me to proffit. I WONT DO THAT! So why don't you all just get off my back. I am ONLY here because I have found R E L I E F ! I would like to share what I have found with people in pain! I have plenty of ways to market, but the Garden Web Forums is NOT one of them. And are you on the forums I am on? How the heck would I try to sell this on the Birding forums where I hang out? You should know what you are talking about before you start accusing people. This is the ONLY forum I have mentioned ANYTHING about Xango on because it is the HEALTH forum and I am TRYING to HELP. I dont see how it is going to help on a birding or wildlife forum. Those are the forums that interest me (now don't you look silley) I came in this one for one reason only, and that was to share what has helped me! I DO NOT TAKE SINUS /ALLERGEY MEDICATION ANYMORE. I DO NOT SUFFER SINUS PAIN ANYMORE. I cant share this with people who suffer? WHY? For crying out loud I am a resource coordinator for elderly and disabled people, I HELP people, thats what I do! Wanna know how many people I have helped get free medications on line in my spare time NO CHARGE! People I don't even know! Nothing in it for me but to know I HELPED someone! Go find a mean person to pick on. You are barking up the WRONG TREE!

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Lisa, she said that she had an INFECTION. You do know that untreated INFECTIONS can be dangerous, don't you??? Since you state that you had sinus problems for years, I doubt that you had an infection..

And no one is forcing you to post here. If you don't like the reaction you get, I suggest that you move on to other forums. Sooner or later, someone will take you advice and their condition will get worse instead of better. I hope you are prepared to face that possibility.

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UM I dont know that she has been diagnosed with a sinus INFECTION. If that is what she has of course she will have to see a DR to get rid of the infection. But the meds she is on does not indicate an infection. (you already pointed that out) Then dare I asume that you are a MD. qualified to diagnose things on the internet? The next post talks about cronic sinusitus, a real problem, been there done that. Many times led to a sinus INFECTION. I am talking about ending cronic sinus problems, NOT treating an infection. That would require a MD.
Let me ask you Agnes and Lydia, have you suffered from chronic sinusitus? Have you got any idea how it can seriously disrupt your life? Have you done any research into what I am trying to share? Do you believe that some people can come in here to share ..just because they are good people wanting to share???
It is redicolus that I should be worried that someone may take my advise! Agnes seems to post here with advise all the time! I don't know if it is good or bad advise. I guess she is prepared to face the possibilities of her advise.
I will just say this , I KNOW sinus pain, I am SO thankful to not suffer anymore!
To your HEALTH!

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This weekend I had a lot of lightheadedness. I'm almost sure it's an infection.

The earliest appointment I could get with my regular doctor is June 19. I hate waiting so long, but I'm not in horrendous shape as I was a couple of years ago when I ended up going to an Urgent Care facility.

I'll find out what's up and let you know.

Thanks to all for your input.

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I get sinus infections when the season changes unless I do a sinus lavage with warm water and sea salt. I'm unsure of how to get rid of an infection without antibiotics. I can tell you some symptoms that may or may not help you. When I have a sinus infection I have yucky green snot with blood. I also have aching pain in my upper, back teeth, sore throat from drainage, and lots of pressure. When it gets bad I can smell the infection. Sorry to gross you out but thats my symptoms. My neice just had a horrible sinus infection but her symptoms where different than mine. She had horrible pain and pressure without conjestion and drainage.

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I have a really wicked headache today. I feel it in my head, neck and teeth. I live on Long Island, and the remnants of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna is on its way here.

I was wondering if there's a connection between humidity/barometric pressure and sinus problems?

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I would seriously think about nasal irrigation. You should implement nasal irrigation into your daily routine for the best results. You can read more about nasal irrigation at this website

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinus Help

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