Coping with mental health system

zzeasyMay 25, 2006

I have a daughter in her thirties who is being treated for depression. "Treated" is used loosely because I think that she is probably a victim of another type of mental illness. Another doctor had suggested that she was bi-polar but this facility dismissed that out of hand. The mental health facility that she uses does not return phone calls from her husband or me and we are both named as contacts on the HIPA documents. She gets adamant about anyone going to her doctor/therapist visits with her- the anger she displays then is in itself a sign that something is very wrong. She sleeps too much, is irritable and sometimes downright nasty yet there are some (few) times when she can seem/act normal. She is very resentful towards her in-laws (for no apparent reason) and claims that the therapist says it is all right to feel that way. Somehow I feel that a good therapist would help her to deal with this situation in a constructive way rather than feeding her anger towards them. Of course, I am not present when she is with him so I don't know what she is telling him and/or what he is telling her. Sometimes I feel that in the end, the entire family will need counseling and medication. Hopefully, she will never harm herself or her child and while it doesn't seem likely, that thought always is present. Actually I think that HIPA is the way that incompetent hospitals, doctors, etc., hide from accountability to the families of patients; its purpose isn't for protection of the patient by any means. This is so disheartening since it seems that there is just no recourse and the situation will just get worse and worse.

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zzeasy, Unfortunatly, mental health facilities are always difficult to deal with. HIPPA laws are not new but were revised to be much stricter about 5 years ago. I am a resource coordinator for elderly and disabled folks. I have to have a HIPPA consent form for every client to allow me to discuss health issues etc. even though I am only trying to find help for them.
My Husbands Dr. cannot discuss my husband with me, but I have a client that sees the same Dr. I can discuss her health with him because I have that signed form.
If your adult daughter dosen't want you knowing about her mental health issues, there is nothing you can do. Try to convinse her to sign a consent form as an emergency contact person, then at least you can give your input to her Drs.
God Luck, I feel for ya.

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ZZeasy, I can't give you any advice but I can tell you that my DIL suffered from severe depression, a couple periods of hospitalization, lots of drugs - nothing worked.

She lost her health insurance so no more doctors, no more drugs - and she got better, better than she has been in many, many years.

Make of that what you will.

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ZZeasy,I don't know anything about your health system,but
when a member of my family was in a similar situation here
my husband and myself made an appointment with the doctor
and received a lot of help and advice from him,it was a lot
more fruitful than trying to contact him by phone.
Would it be possible for you to go and see her mental
health facility personally.
Sorry I cant be of much health,I hope everything works out
well for you.

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