Spinal Fusion L3-4,L4-5

yvonnepetersonMay 7, 2009

I am just waiting on approval for surgery from work comp. I am 36 yrs old and had a laminectomy in 2007, went very well, felt great after that. I am lucky enough to have the same surgeon but he says on a scale from 1-10 last surgery was a 1, this one is a 9!!!!! So i am terrified and any info anyone can give me is greatly appreciated! Like how long will i be in serious pain? How long will I be off work? How long does it normally take to recover? I have ask all these ?'s to the doctor's but want someone who has had it or knows someone who has. Again, Thanks for any help!!!

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I am having three level spinal fusion. I want to know how much pain you experienced after surgery in the hospital and how long did the surgery take. We you in the hospital very long? Did you go to a rehab afterwards

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A I said I am still waiting on approval. Go to court June4th, Pray for me(Thanks)! But please do alot of research on the type of surgery you are having, always helps. Youtube has great documentaries of people that have had Fusion's, They are great to see how that person did, although we are all different. Suggest you spend some time reading up on it! Bless you or anyone else who has a back injury, they are very painful and annoying!

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