olecranon bursitis anyone?

catherinetMay 17, 2009

About 6 weeks ago, I noticed that my left elbow hurt, if I had it resting on anything. Then I noticed it was all red. After a few days it turned yellowish....like a bruise does.

It all went away, and then continues to come back fairly often. I did alot of porch sweeping yesterday, and then I realized I had "Popeye elbow". It had swelled up about the size of a small walnut.

Anyhow.....after doing some googling, it looks like I might have olecranon bursitis. Anyone else have it, and what did you do that helped it? Unfortunately, I can't take NSAIDS.


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If you googled olecranon bursitis, then you know that there are several possible causes. Since this problem is six or more weeks old you can't be sure you did not have a bite or something causing a break in the skin allowing bacteria to enter the area. If that is the case then you need to go the the doctor to be sure as you can not get antibioticw OTC and you will need them to clear up any infection. In any case, the doctor will probably drain the bursa which will relieve the pain and also give him fluid to test for bacteria. In other words ... go to the doctor.

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I'm looking for someone who's had this problem.

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My husband was just diagnosed with it. He has had this large lump on his elbow since April. It's been drained once and tested for bacteria (negative). He just finished a 28-day course of antibiotics for Lyme Disease. He's been taking NSAIDs, and is now trying Arnica to reduce the swelling.

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