Experience with Reduction Surgery/Recovery

leafy02June 3, 2012

Any advice for someone considering breast reduction surgery? If you've had it, how did your recovery compare to what your doc prepared you for, what was the worst part, what do you wish you had known ahead of time, etc.?


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Leafy, I think someone over at the Kitchen Table forum had reduction surgery some time ago....you might try asking over there, too. Good luck with everything!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb's Kitchen Table forum

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The BEST thing I've ever done! I lurk here all the time but seldom post...I want to say go for it! My recovery was very easy. I never took anything stronger than tylenol for pain. I took a month off from work not knowing what to expect, but I could have been back in a week or two easily. Now, 7 years later I'm still so glad I did it...wish I would have done it sooner. Let me know if you have specific questions.

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Please check your email. I sent you an email with some info about it.

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Email coming your way.

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Thank you all! Love this forum for exactly this reason--where else could I get BTDT advice on such a topic?!

I really appreciate the responses and emails!

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