web software - what is everyone using?

dcrowexMarch 25, 2004

what is everyone using to create their web sites? i am not happy with the plain jane results i got from microsoft word so i guess i will buy something. have been looking t web studio 3.0 and it looks user friendly and has cool effects, plus its not expensive. i need user friendly but not too expensive.


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I mostly code my own HTML and CSS. That's the cheapest thing to do. You don't need to buy anything.

I also like Dreamweaver which is rather pricey.

I tried MS FrontPage a little, but it didn't really produce the results I wanted, and it's kind of a pain to work on the HTML it produces.

What kind of pages are you trying to produce? Personal or business?

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Sorry for delay in responding.
I am trying to do a personal web page with the bells and whistles. I used to write my own html years ago when there was no software to do it for us. I created my company's pages for a few years in this manner, then went to Front Page. Now we have another person doing it and using fancy (but expensive sofware), so I got away from it and now looking to do a personal one but really did not want to go back to doing the html scripting. i checked dreamweaver and it is real expensive.

thanks for any tips.

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You can do a web search for html editors and there are many free forever ones and also free trial period html editors.

My uncle doesn't know any html, well not before he created this http://www.statmaster.net/ page with a drag and drop editor called web page maker, http://www.webpage-maker.com/ .
He really likes it. It had a 14 day trial period and then he decided to buy it for $39.00.

I use Notepad myself, but it is slow and requires some knowledge of html. I have Dreamweaver and Frontpage 5 but I prefer Notepad, it is just a personal preference of mine, those two are fine.

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Just saw your post, I used the free disc that yahoo sent me. But you can download the program from the computer and use it there. It does it all for you. I could Never do code never. You pick out whatever you want and work on it on there program when you get all done all you have to do is hit publish and it does it. Really easy. Only thing is my photos looked great when creating our business website when I uploaded them they were darker and a little fuzzier. Someone said it was probably AOL. Another thing is when I put thumbnails on the pages of the furniture and clicked on it, it enlarges so big on there. Really didn't want it that big for people to copy our things. Hope this helps.


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I LOVE WebStudio. Simple and easy to use. I especially like it for the simplicity of reducing pictures to expandable thumbnail images, you can line up and space everything however you want to do it. It comes with a bunch of clipart but you can also import graphics and links. Nice program that I am very happy with. Currently my website is about 90 pages and increases in size and content weekly.

Connie, about the thumbnails: If you're thumbnailing really big pictures they blow up to really big pictures. I use a graphics program to scale down picture sizes to a consistant 4" across. Then when I thumbnail them with the web program they only blow up to that 4" width.


Here is a link that might be useful: One of my photo galleries (in work)

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