Sinus surgery

superbeeMay 10, 2004

Hello everyone

I wonder if anyone has had or known someone who has had sinus surgery. It looks like I might have to go for it soon and I am nervous about it. Please share your experiences if you don't mind.

Thanks much


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Hi Superbee,
Not to worry. I am assuming you are having them opened up.
I had that surgery about 9 years ago. Nothing to it. The worst thing was not being able to eat anything that day. My surgery was not till 4 p.m. and by the time they got to me I had a headache from being so hungry. I went in shortly after that but I can't remember how long the surgery took. When I came out I had a nosebleed for awhile but the biggest thing was still the headache. They gave me some tylenol, the bleeding stopped and my husband brought me home around 7 o'clock. I guess I had some discomfort for a day or two. You are not allowed to blow your nose for a week. (I think it was a week) There's really nothing to worry about.
I hope it solves whatever problem you are having. For me, it didn't help much, but they warned me it probably wouldn't. I had the surgery because I was having headaches, and found out years later, it was because I was eating cheese and chocolate.
Hope this helps.

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I had sinus surgery two years ago. The surgery itself was a breeze. It is quite annoying to have packing in your nose for a week afterwards but not really painful. The worst thing about the whole entire surgery was having the packing taken out. But it only lasts a few minutes and I could BREATHE again! Best wishes to you. Keep us posted.

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Thank much. I feel much better after hearing from you both. Although not being able to blow your nose for a week sounds like the height of discomfort to me!! I have my surgery scheduled for 27th and I will certainly keep you posted.

Thanks much.


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