Strange problem with sound on my page.........

ZipperMarch 7, 2003

I just now decided to learn HTML code and managed to make a web page with sound on it, it works fine on my web page but I have to turn the volume up every time I go into the page. Here's the real confusing part; The player on my web page seems to be controlling the sound on other pages. When surfing the web if I run across a page with background sound I have to bring my master volume control up and turn the volume up on the midi every time. What is making it do that? Do I need to add or subtract something from my code which is: (I changed all the (div align="center")(br)(br)

(embed src="Fairground.mid"




(noembed) (bgsound src="fairground.mid" loop="1") (/noembed)(/embed)


Thanks for any and all help. :)

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Midi's are notorious for having wacky default volume settings. I avoid them if at all possible.

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