Need a little help with text/font effects

terri_pacnwMarch 13, 2002

As I was in my Homestead account, and clearing some stuff out, I wondered where to find the coding for making text/font effects on my other web page.

I love the bouncing letter effect and the dissolving word to another word text that is offered there.

I would like to apply the same priciple to my "real" hand done web page.

I use the "free" Homestead for gif and photo loads for here at THS. But I have a space with my ISP, that I use as my real web space.

Do I need to "create" the font/text effect as a gif? Or is there a code other than marquee, that will make the text move as I'd like?

I've spent the last hour searching the web, and finding lots of neat tools, that I've bookmarked, but nothing for what I'm specifically looking for now...

Any helps, suggestions, sites or books?

I'm a self taught Web Author.

Also, to add "captions" directly to my photos or images, do I do that in something like PSP?

I have plenty of resourses, just need the pointer in the right direction..



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there is 3 ways to do what you want. Dhtml, Java scripts, and plain old gif animations. See some text animation DHTML here.

Dynamic Drive

Java Scripts you can look at here.

A1 Java scripts

As for gif animations, the problem with them is the large file sizes. They can be made with programs like Paint Shop Pro's Animation Shop, but it will take a while to do this as each movement of the text you will have to change the picture and save each change as a new copy of the text picture. Then you use animation Shop to make the ani. Hope this helps


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If you click on the HTML DHTML JAVA link (left side of screen) you will find several links to sites that offer free scripts

Have fun!


Here is a link that might be useful: The World Wide Web

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