Ear Infection

newmobileownerMay 13, 2006

I have an ear infection that I've had now for 2 months. I've gone to 4 doctors and taken 4 different antibotics and still after the meds are gone it still hasn't gone away. Now they say I have to see an Ear,Nose and Throat doctor. I don't have insurance. I think I have a hole in my ear drum now too. My ear drains all night so much that I have to change cotton balls about 3 times a night. It feels like there is a ball of cotton in my ear all the time. Even when there's not. Anyone ever have this and how much of a bill do you think I'll be looking at after I see the specialist? Thanks for your input!!!

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Don't fret about how much it is going to cost. You need to think instead about the possibility of losing your hearing. This has gone on too long. Make an appointment with an ENT specialist. If they asks, be prepared to state how much you will be able to pay each month. Very few doctors will turn a patient away that needs help, and you certainly do.

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This is very serious and you must get it resolved before it permanently damages your hearing or balance -- could go to your inner ear. I don't know where you live but in NYC there is an Eye Ear Nose and Throat Hospital -- you can get help in their emergency room. You could see if there is a similar facilty in your town.

My husband had an ear infection last winter that lasted 3 months. The ENT had to pucture and drain his ear drum twice and put him on a cocktail of antibiotics.

Please don't wait any longer to take care of this and do let us know what the outcome is.

Thinking of you...


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Well, I have an appt with an Ear,Nose and Throat doctor on May 23rd at 10 am. They told me that I need 100.00 when I get there and then they would make arrangements for the rest if need be. I'm so relieved and I can't wait to get this ear fixed. It's driving me crazy. I'll keep everyone informed. Thanks for your input.

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newmobileowner, did you keep your dr. appt. on May 23? What was the outcome?


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Yes,I went to the doctor and he said he wasn't sure what was causing this. He said that the amount of antibiotics that I had already taken should have knocked it out. So he gave me some prednasone (sp) and some ear drops. That was 9 days ago and today I went to have a hearing test done. I told them that my ear is no better and and my next appt isn't till the end of June. The doctor's nurse called me at home and set up another appt tomorrow at 9 30 to drain my ear agin and give me something else to take. I guess he doesn't know what it is either. I'm so tired of putting up with this. The hearing test tho said that when this is cleared up my hearing should come back just fine. I'll post again tomorrow after my appt and let you know what else he says. So far it has cost me 168.00 for the first appt. 186.00 for the hearing test and now an appt tomorrow. I'm almost out of money so I hope he can figure this out.

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I went to the doctor again and now he says I need an MRI of the brain to see if I have a tumor. I don't have insurance. Now how am I going to afford an MRI??? He really doesn't know what is causing my ear to be like this. I think it's my nasal drip and my allergies. What he did today did not help one bit. He drained it and now the drainage is back again. I give up. I'm broke and I give up.

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have you spoken to the people in your dr.'s office about your financial situation? You seem to need more medical attention and if you tell them your situation they may be able to work out a payment plan.

I know that things must seem impossible right now. i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Try a product called Xlear.It is available at the health food store.I just beat back an ear infection last week by using Xlear in conjunction with a homeopathic allergy tablet and a dropperful of nettles in tea.It is working.Good luck.

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