itching on my neck

gran5May 18, 2012

I have had this itching on my neck, sort of down both sides in the front, anyone else ever had this problem, I noticed it after sitting out in the cold at a soccer game, I kept pulling my sweater up close and I did use some dial soap at the same time, but quit that soon after, its been 5 or 6 weeks,I have tried different anti itch creams.

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Maybe it's time to see a dermatologist.

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Allergic to wool sweater? Dial is 1 of few soaps I can use. Ivory & Dove just about itch me to death! Look at everything you are using on your skin or wearing the past 5-6 weeks, maybe it is something new you are using. Do you have spots or redness etc. Mom just went to dermatologist as her back itches all the time(she thinks it's shingles) but some days it is nearly clear(of course it was when she went to dr.)so Dr. couldn't really tell. Only evidence was few spots where she had scratched so much it broke through the skin. Are you using Tide clothes soap, it is highly allergy causing. Most of my family gets serious reaction to it. Too acid food can cause strange reactions especially as you get older. Almonds, strawberries & pineapple are suddenly causing corners of my mouth to crack open & itch & burn. Found out friend has same thing & Dr. told her lot of people can't take much acid in food as they get older. Hope you find out what it is that is causing it. Did you change medicines or start a generic in place of name brand, sometimes fillers are different & cause problems.

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When I donated blood, they used iodine to clean my arm & that caused my neck & chest to itch. Finally figured it out after 2 rounds of that itching. After going to the Dr. and being on predisone several times, a friend suggested that I try two natural products - Goldenseal root capsules and Echinacea capsules. That worked for me. I am always glad when I can use natural products. Hope you find something to relieve your itching.

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