Alka-Seltzer for Urinary Tract infections?...

ashliMay 27, 2006

A home remedy...does anyone know if it really works? and how?...

My husband has reoccuring urinary tract infections often, he's a AZO test strip shows that he has the infection now...and his doctor's office is closed until Tuesday. I wonder if drinking the Alka Seltzer would help him? Any suggestions? Thank-You.

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Didn't work for me if that's any help!!! (But, heck why not try it, can't hurt really!!)

You have to read down a little to find the blurb on it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Alka Sletzer and Urinary Tract infection

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It might make him feel better, and if the infection is just at the discomfort stage, might be able to tip the balance enough so a healthy person's body can fight it off. But he's a DIABETIC and needs to be much more aggressive about fighting infections.

Reading that tip ... it might be just the increase in water intake.

The OTC pyridium tablets will also ease the discomfort, but they aren't enough to get rid of the infection.

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