I find I have less patience now for reading very long posts

stardusterAugust 28, 2004

or even reading books. I have not been able to concentrate on things like I used to. When I see sad things posted.. I feel so angry again. I lose the interest to read on..

am I the only one?


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I find it hard to concentrate on anything really. But sometimes it all depends on what it's about. Some things i read just hit me like It was written for me and i was meant to read it. Am I making sense?? Some people just say things that are exactly what I'm feeling but just couldn't put it in the right words. Probably like right now I can't put what i'm thinking into the words i'm meaning.

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yes, I understand that. When what I read pulls me along like I cannot resist.. or I'm just being intensly drawn.. I can read.. but, some things just drag me down and I feel the pain of others.. and find myself skimming over and not reading for the full benefit. How sad is that.. for me to even admit...!!!


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Nell Jean

Starduster and Brycesmommy,
I found that when grief is fresh, it's hard to concentrate, yes.
I think we need brief words of encouragement.
Our own grief overwhelms so much that we just can't fully appreciate others' experiences, except to know we're not alone.
That's okay; it's where you are in the process. Grief is hard work.


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Star, that's perfectly normal. It's good that you can admit it.
I remember I used to read a lot because I could choose what I wanted to read to help me through the grief. But, if I was talking to someone and they went on and on and on, I lost interest quickly. Still am that way, unfortunately.

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I read very fast, and do not read word for word, so scan alot. As to grief, and sadness, i most of the time just skim the letter/posting/ etc. as too many of us tend to dwell on somethings we have no control over. Somethings just happen, we grieve and then we must go on. It will destroy us and others around us if we do not go on, but we can still remember.

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Marie, Lu and Nell.. words well spoken.. they make sense and I think it is natural.. I guess it would not be me or anyone else if this did not occur.

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