Need LOUD multi alarm watch.

mudlady_gwMay 4, 2012

I take at least 12 medicines routinely, every day. I have selected a 12-6-12-6 schedule and I frequently forget medications. I use an alarm clock to wake me for the 6 am dose, but I haven't found a good way to remind myself for the other three scheduled times. I bought an e-Z Pill alarm (not a watch) but even if I put it in a shirt pocket I couldn't hear it. I returned it and the customer service rep was less than pleasant and said I should buy one of their expensive watches. I have read reviews of their watches and many people complain about the poor volume. I need either a wrist or pocket watch (which I would wear as a pendant) that has an alarm loud enough for me to hear it while I am doing my usual activities. Does anyone know of a watch, wrist or pocket, that has a good volume. My hearing is normal and I don't require any hearing aid.

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I give up! I bought a Timex and actually managed to set the alarms. I can't hear it, but my son does. I guess I have lost my high frequency hearing.

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