In remembrance of my bestfriend and 14 year old dog Misty(RIP)

bestfriendAugust 15, 2007

I talked to my mother today and was told that she had to put my dog under because she couldn't stand up anymore, apparently since mondy morning she kept falling and was in a lot of pain from the artritis in her back legs...I don't know it hurts so much to not be able to be there to say goodbye, to hear this over the phone was especially hurtfull I was the one that picked her out of the liter 14 years ago and sat in the back seat of the car while she was crying all the way home.Being there at the begining and not at the end is so painful.Its undescribable the pain I feel right now...I lost my grandfather a few years ago and found out via the phone as well, imagine that, I was very close to him and Im still not over that phone call, talk about pain...I pray that she's chasing those squirells up in heaven right now and that she knows that we love her and miss her and one day we will run heavens beaches together in peace misty

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I'm sorry.

This is a good prayer/blessing/eulogy:

Misty, you were the best dog in the world, & I loved you.
You made a difference in my life.
& now your journey here is over.
Let your body return to the good earth.
Let your breath merge with the breeze.
Let your soul rise to the great light.
Be one with the universe (or you can say 'go with God' here if that's more your way).

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I'm so sorry you lost your dear friend, Misty, and were not able to be with her to the end. I know how that hurts as we lost a dear pet recently too. Misty had such a long life, and I imagine you had lots of wonderful times with her.

Do you have some pictures of Misty? Maybe you could make a little photo album of her. Or maybe plant a special plant in your yard in her memory.

Take care.

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