Sad after a wonderful party

sojeMay 13, 2011

I have absolutely no mental health issues. So this is why I feel so strange. I just celebrated a most wonderful anniversary occasion. I did the planning and everything was beautiful and went exactly as I had hoped. We were surrounded by friends and family. comments to me afterward we: fabulous, special, perfect, etc. i had a wonderful time. So for the next few days I am feeling sad. I am feeling like: what did I do during the party? Did I talk to people--- I can't remember the music! There was paid help at the party, I was not busy with any chores during the party. I don't want to discuss this with anyone in the family, don't want them to feel bad. Is this just normal letdown after being busy with the planning? Help.

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I believe it is normal. I recently attended a concert of a wonderful classical singer of whom I am a big, big fan. I was excited to see him in concert and also to see him after the concert to sign my CD. I remember feeling a bit sad on the drive home afterward that it was all over. So, I think it just a normal reaction to all the party activity of preparing for it and experiencing everything. We just don't want those special moments to fade away.

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This is something that happens to brides quite frequently: you get caught up in your mind in planning, the food, the music, the details, and then, when it is over, you feel alone because you don't have that celebration to look forward to anymore.

My best suggestion is to start planning another party! It doesn't need to be as big or as fancy as the one you just had, but the planning will help you with the "post-partum" feeling of your party being over.

Best of luck, and, if everything you say is true, you might have a future as an event planner!

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I had reunions at my house every year,150 people,I did everything..I felt that way too 1 is youre done its over all the worry,stress etc is over your body doesnt know yet,

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