Netscape lets you right-click even with correct script

amy_z6_swpaMarch 30, 2005

Up until last month I used nothing but Internet Explorer for the internet and my webpages. I have right-click-disable scripts in most of my webpages, and it works in IE.

But last month I started using Netscape 7.2, and quickly discovered that right-clicking not only brings up the disabled popup, it also gives you the normal right-click options right along with it! Very disheartening to know this.

I am very aware that right-click disabling is easy to get around anyway, but I'm curious to know how Netscape gives you both the disabled alert AND the normal right-click menu.

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Update: I discovered another variation of the script that does NOT let Netscape get through it.

The one that DOES let Netscape slip in is from so I quit using that one.

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I am gonna go look for an updated version of the one that I have.. with all
the new security and upgrades to the IE, that might be what is wrong with the one that I was using..
although it does still work on other sites..
Any way, glad that you got yours fixed!

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Amy -
Why are you disabling right-click?

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I use it when I'm displaying my artwork and graphics on my websites.

Why is everyone always so quick to jump on this subject as if we are stupid for using the code? We are VERY aware that a lot of people know how to get around it. I know how to get around it too. But I still like to use it.

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