Stolen Tissue

muddy_waterMay 19, 2006

So I have a spine surgery in Dec 04 and last week the Doc calls me and tells me I'm one of the people that recieved the stolen tissue out of New York. Now I have to go through bunch of tests. Anybody else have this going on in there mind. It's really hard to think about anything but that right now...

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I am assuming that the tissue you received is bone. My understanding is that cadaver bone is specially treated and sterilized because bone infections are so hard to treat. I have cadaver bone grafts in my neck. I was told that because the way bone was handled, there was practially no chance of having any reaction to it as a patient might have to other organ tissue. I wouldn't worry, he has to run the tests to make 100% sure.

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Thanks for the reply...Yes mine also was in the neck and the other problem is, I have 1 area that did not fuse properly. So now I am worried about the grafts themselfs with no background information from the person the bone or grafts were taken from. I have no way of knowing if the bone was exceptible for transplant.Much less the possibility of contracting a virus.

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No surgery is ever 100% free of problems. A lot depends on the general health of the patient and, though we hate to think about it, the technique of the surgeon. A bone graft is dead tissue that forms the frame work for new bone to grow in and around. I was warned that sometime grafts didn't take and had to be repeated. I had to wear a neck brace for six weeks, night and day. My doctor scared the crap out of me about what would happen if I didn't.

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I can certainly understand your worry about this. I think your doctor is required to check you out to make very very sure that all is well. I was also told that bone, after being sterilized for grafts, is stored for six months. The chances of this bone, not being suitable is almost zero. I am sure that the receiving agency would have treated it properly regardless of where it came from. It's not like it was living tissue. Now, that would really be scary!

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