Fight back or we'll lose it.

lazy_gardensMay 27, 2006

OK ... the flood of distributors has started up again.

Report every single one of them to the management or we'll become just another ad-filled useless forum. and let them know the user name and the topic of the message being spammed.

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I have done that repeatly and nothing happens. The ads are not removed. Nor were the posters banned as they once were.

Could it be that this is just another was the iVillage has of selling advertzing??

All of the products mention MAY do SOME people good because of the placebo effect. Plus people will say they work because they hate to admit that they were idiots to buy the stuff. There is no way to know ahead of time who will or who will not benefit. It's a shame that too many will waste money on these products.

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OK you guys, just because a product has a distrbutor does that mean it is NOT a GOOD and helpful product? Isin't this forum about HEALTH?
If a poster comes in and asks about chronic sinun pain,and if I know of something that will help I can't share? You 2 do not speak for the whole forum. If people come in here asking for help and I can help I WILL.
There is a question on the forum about Alka Selser, should that poster be baned because they used a brand name and MAY give the impression it may help a certain ailment? How does this differ?
agnesspuffin, how the HECK do my DOGS get a placebo effect? And HOW DARE you call my Mother and Idiot!!! You are correct there is no way to know ahead of time who will and will not bennefit, there is also no way of knowing this with RX medication, AND who will and will not DIE of a heart attack taking arthritis meds!
I believe the good people in this forum can judge for themselves what they would like to research and what they don't without your policing.
If something really good comes along, it is not a crime to tell people about it. How eles will they learn?
I agree the garden web forums are NOT for advertising personal products. The ponding forum can recomend a name brand filter though! Why? because they are HELPING! Report me, I have done nothing in here except to tell people about something that can HELP them, not advertised to gain ANYTHING.
There ARE open minded people in here that may really be thankful they heard about this. You have no right to deny them that.

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I report advertising quite often. Just go to the bottom of the Forum page and click on Suggestions and Comments and an email page comes up so you can report the advertising. Be sure to note that the nature of your email is Abuse of Forums.

I do know of a poster who continues to post here even though she/he has been caught at least twice promoting his/her website. I also think some threads are allowed to exist when bickering begins. Those ought to just disappear.

Lisa, the problem is with people who are just trying to make sales, not caring if they are really helping others. It's the self-promotion that is wrong. This is a community of people sharing their experiences.

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Socks, I agree 100% with you.

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