trying to exercise..walking..

livvyandbellaMay 1, 2005

I am trying to walk for exercise. My Dr. said that would be the best exercise to do. My goal should be a mile a day. I think that is a good plan. The only problem is, when I walk, I have pain in my jaws, both of them. They ache, kind of like a bottom full of toothaches. Any idea what that is? Could it be something wrong with my jaw?

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Do you have well cushioned shoes? Are you walking on concrete sidewalks or dirt and grass. I am thinking that's it's a matter of jarring your jaw with the impact of your foot on the walking surface. However, it would be a good idea to have your dentist check this out. You might be starting to have a problem with alignment, abcess or something else. Maybe walking with a good wad of gum in your mouth would help.

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I have been hearing quite a lot from my physical therapist about referred pain. I thought I was having jaw problems, but it turned out that I had strained the muscles in the front of my neck. When I did neck strengthening exercises, the pain went away.

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Have you had a stress echo treadmill by a cardiologist. I am concerned about the jaw pain.
My mom complained about jaw pain for quite awhile and the doc didn't listen.....she died of a massive heart attack when she was only 59.

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I have not had a stress test in 2 years. I have an appt. with my Cardiologist in a month. I will mention this to him. Today I have an appt. with Dentist, I will also mention to him. I only have jaw pain when I walk.

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