squirrelheavenMay 14, 2008

Hi all, I've never been to this forum but would like some opinions and experiences with quite severe stomach pain I've been having. I've been uncomfortable for maybe a week. On Saturday, I doubled up in sharp pain from the top of my belly to the bottom. It was severe all day, sharp, maybe cramping. Sunday it was more of a very very tender, sore belly. My entire stomach -- top, bottom, left, right, middle. I waited until Mon a.m. to contact my doctor's office when it opened, needing to rule out appendicitis. I really didn't want to go to the ER and felt I'd get more/better treatment with my regular physician's office, although I knew that was probably a pretty stupid thing to do. (I am nursing a kitty here who is very fragile, so I really can't leave him.) The nurse was able to see me at noon and I was screened when I called in, and of course there was the usual concern about the appendix (no waiting). My desriptions didn't really sound like the app to their office, but when the nurse who saw me pushed on my belly she said -- ah, yes, looks like appendicitis. So I was ordered some blood tests and US studies.

What baffles me is -- the blood tests were ordered as routine, not stat, and I still don't have the results. The US is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Hmmm. There I was afraid they would be whisking me off to the operating room and I'd be stuck in the hospital for a couple nights.

Well, things are subsiding, as I also expected, so I'm doing ok, but my understanding has always been that a hot appendix is always a serious condition warranting immediate attention. No?

Anyone or nurses that can explain this to me? It's a bit confusing.


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I don't know much about the progression of appendicitis - only what happened to me. I started feeling nauseous and then I had a stomachache. I was up all night with what I thought was food poisoning. The next day the stomachache was just as bad and around 5 or 6 in the evening, my son-in-law said it was time for me to go to the hospital. I wouldn't have thought of it myself, but my SIL had seen his father go through appendecitis. On the way to the hospital, my SIL called his father and confirmed the symptoms. It took a couple of hours to get through the red tape of the ER and get a surgeon ready. By the time it was removed, my appendix was black from gangrene and just minutes away from exploding all that crap into my body. I was very lucky to make it in time.

I have never heard of an appendix that slowly got worse, but then I haven't studied it either. Usually when am appendix bursts, the person feels better for a while and then becomes really ill when the infection starts kicks into high gear.

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Hi squirrelheaven,
Here is my experience. About two years ago I had similar pain (terrible). I did visit my primary doc. She said that it is 'Appendicitis' and I should be in ER already. This is after examining me and with my symptoms!!. I was rushed to ER---after CT scan, x-ray and further examination found out there was as 9 cms ball like in my body--they had to cut be open and it was determined that it was 'Ovarian Cyst' and was removed. This is not to scare you but one cannot predict -even docs sometimes.

Good luck and take care.

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Thanks for the responses : ) That seems to be more what happens -- close calls. It makes more sense to me that you were sent to the ER, AG, when it's thought to be an appendix problem. I've never heard of such a casual way about it, except maybe with my Mom, whose doc told her to take an enema! This is one of the best university hospitals in the area. Beats me. She did say if I felt in extreme pain, I could go over to the ER and have the tests done right away. Just kind of casual and matter-of-factly, after I pressed for more info.

I did speak to the nurse today to find out my blood test results. She said all were normal, except that the thyroid is running a bit high (she's not worried and said to retest in a couple months). I'm still scheduled for the abd and pelvic US's but things have subsided quite a bit, so I pushed it off to next week to have it done locally (instead of bumping over all those roads on a long drive into the city).

I'm just glad it's passing for now, as going into the hospital would be a disaster. Maybe the US's will show some other, non-urgent problem that triggered the attach. I rarely get sick and have always had a strong stomach. Unusually stressful times recently, though.

Thanks for sharing your experiences : )

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