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stacruzpFebruary 13, 2003

I have seen html docs where texts were highlighted or having color background (not BODY BGCOLOR=...). Was it done with just html tags or other processes were used? Thanks - Jun.

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you can set the font color
red text

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Hi Prettyphysicslady,
Thanks for the idea. But what I would really like is to highlight an html text(s), like you would highlight a paragraph on a, say, paperback with colored pigment (highlighter pen) so it would be easy to find later. Jun.

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Here's how
yellow highlighted text

Just close the spaces in the opening font tag
(There should be no space between

I hope that's clear. If not, look at this web page and view the source code:

Highlighted Text

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Bird_nj - just what I had in mind! Thanks! Jun.

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The new modern way to do this is via 'span' tags. That is, instead of

<font style="background-color:yellow">yellow highlighted text</font>

You would use

<span style="background-color:yellow">yellow highlighted text<span>

In any case, you should definitely add </FONT> anywhere you use <FONT>

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