Website hosting problems, please help! :)

knash6February 3, 2004


I hope someone, anyone, can help me. I'm desperate. I was hosting my site over at and decided to switch to So I made the necessary changes at godaddy to just park my site there until I received the DNS info from Homestead. Well.....Homestead tells me they don't have DNS numbers perse but that I have to, and I quote:


Okay, So I wrote godaddy and asked them where I should type this in and they told me where to type it in but that if there were any problems after that, they couldn't help me. Well, there's a problem. My registrar isn't pointing to my domain at homestead.

Is anyone familiar with this and/or have you ever had to do it and if so, can you please give me some insight? I'm so peeved I'm ready to blow my brains out. I paid enough $$ to both sites that I can't believe either one won't help me. I want my domain over at Homestead because I'm html illiterate and I love Homestead's website builder - it's so easy and amazing. If you are in the know and can help, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks!!!

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Let me see if I understand. You are using Homestead to host your website, and you have your domain name registered through Is that right?
If so, all you need to do is log into your account with godaddy and in the correct area (where they told you) type in the exact address of your homestead website.

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Have you tried the free url forwarding at godaddy in the meantime?

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to knash6 - Good Luck, I tried their site and I cannot understand what they are asking the viewer to do. I also have a domain there, thinking of moving to another site, like Homestead, tell me how you make out. craftylady_ma.

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I don't have alot of knowledge on the computer and I was able to make up a member page but when I try to type in THE SEEDS I have to trade: and SEEDS I AM LOOKING FOR: The page comes up but I can't type in the information. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME.

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