shortness of breath

ruthannMay 27, 2003

My niece (30) has been experiencing shortness of breath and tightness in her chest. It lasts for a couple days, goes away, then she gets it again for a couple days. Other than that she is basically healthy. Anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this? She works in a greenhouse, and has no insurance. Thanks, Ruth Ann

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She should find a clinic that would be willing to see her for lowered prices or free. Those symptoms can be benign, something like a pulled muscle or heartburn. But they can also be very serious, even at a young age. You say she's basically healthy --- is she at a healthy weight? Does she smoke? Are there any other risk factors? Either way, it should not be ignored.

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She needs to go to the Doctor NOW. If she is obese, smokes or has ANY family history of heart disease I would be VERY concerned. Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen!

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My question is: what type of chemicals is she exposed to? Does she feel better when she isn't working in the greenhouse? (ok, sorry 2 questions!)

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"She works in a greenhouse"!

Lung infections, chemical exposure, etc. it's quite possibile that she can at least get an exam for an occupational injury.

This is NOT something to ignore.

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Wish I could help. I just scheduled today to go see a heart specialist. I too am experiencing shortness of breath from doing minor work around the house. My colestral is kind of high.

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Sounds like heart problems.Thats what my doctor told me.I walk three miles everyday and ride my bike .Still I have this shortness of breath.I take pills and go on.You can't let it worry you this will kill you quicker than your illness.He said I was born with a hole in my heart .I'm 73 and I guess it's just catching up with me.See your doctor and when you get the shortness just stop what you are doing and sit down.So far it works for me.

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Has your niece gone to see a doctor yet? If not, she really needs to go. I agree with the posters who wrote that shortness of breath is a major sign of heart problems.

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Just throwing another out... Sometimes "otherwise healthy" will preclude complaining about a sore back. Does she have any pain or tightness between her shoulder blades/mid-back?

If she does and is otherwise TRULY healthy, she might try moist heat on the area and some analgesics. Someone give the girl a massage!! Good Chiropractic adjustment would help that also.

I only mention this because of the "off and on" pattern. I've had the same thing since running an Organic Farm years ago...lots of heavy lifting. Have never been the same and it will re-appear over lifting minor stuff in my "middle" years.

Good Luck to her!!

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