Two years ago today my dad

chattypatty_79August 13, 2004

passed. I feel so sad,will these feelings ever go away? My poor little mom doesn't even realize he is gone, in some ways I gues this is a blessing.Thanks for letting me vent. Chatty Patty

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HI Patty...It is sad, and I guess the feelings just get less intense. My Mom didn't fully realize that my Father had died either. She was here, saw him, went to plan funeral and went to the funeral home and the service, but she was "blunted". Afterwards, the main thing was she constantly looked for him to come in or call. And thought he had left. That was the saddest part. With just the 2 of us here, it left me with no one to talk about his death with, and that was really sad. I think I understand your feelings. It leaves a big void in your life.
I hope your Mom is doing OK. Know you are missing her too. It all adds up. Shalom, Derry

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Nell Jean

It's a hard time to get through, what I call 'negative anniversaries.' Hard for you to get through this day and hard to deal with your mother's illness. I'm glad you have us to vent to, we do care.


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