Severe pain all over the body.

mudlady_gwMay 23, 2012

I have been told that I have fibromyalgia and it is an extremely rare day that some part of my body doesn't ache. The fibro dx was made at least 10 years ago and I was prescribed various medications and gentle exercise. Nothing I tried ever helped, but the pain was more a nuisance than a big problem. About a week ago I developed severe pain all over my body, except that there was no headache. I don't think I have had a dozen headaches in my life, 68 years. Around 10 days ago every muscle in my body started to ache and the pain was severe. I have Tylenol #3 with codeine for bad fibro pain and I have never needed as much codeine as I have during this episode. Every day when I wake in pain I expected the pain to diminish as soon as I became active, but that hasn't happened. I have always been in poor physical condition because asthma, in my early teens, resulted in my doctors telling me to avoide anything strenuous. Six years ago I moved to farm country where I live totally alone. I try to keep a handyman willing to do the stuff I can't do but there are times when he isn't available and I struggle to do my own work. For the past week I have been in moderate to severe pain in almost all areas of my body. I have never used as much codeine as I have for this past week. My prescription says one tablet every four to six hours, and I am using exactly that much. When I need codeine I usually need only one pill a day. I don't have a scheduled appointment with my doctor until July and I have decided I absolutely have to get an appointment ASAP. The muscles in my arms and legs and lower back are all involved. Today, I gave up and spent long hours in bed and took TC3 every 4-6 hours. This pain is severe and I have been close to tears today. This is nothing like what the doctors have called fibro pain. I have had a fracture and several surgeries and every time I have been in the out patient department or on a regular floor, I am always complimented on how well I tolerate pain. Not this time! I am totally miserable and will call for an appointment tomorrow if the pain is still present. I took my oral temperature with an old mercury thomometer and my temp is 100.2. I rarely run a fever. I have three indoor cats and have looked up cat scratch fever but I don't have any swollen glands. My only symptoms are a slightly elevated temp and pain in every muscle in my body, and my palms feel hot and dry. I have always been fat and for the past two days I don't care if I eat or not. I have dropped 2.5 pounds overt the past week. I am thirsty and have been drinking small amounts frequently. If my sad story sounds familiar to anyone here, please share any thoughts you have. Oh, I am a retired RN and have never seen a patient with my symptoms.


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Hope your pain has lightened by now. Over the years I've had a few days where I have had to just go to bed. Pain hurts so much & it is usually a cold rainy day. I'm quite sure I had childhood arthritis but seemed to go away as adult. My arms & legs always ached & if rain was coming, my knees, shoulders & arms were so painful. Now living in warm climate it only affects me rarely. I usually have to take something,& sleep it off. So hope it is weather related & goes away.

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check out lyme disease.. just a thought

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Thanks for the input. At 3 AM this morning I was vomiting and couldn't believe I could actually feel worse. I got up at 7, took my routine meds and went back to sleep. When I woke at 11 AM I was back to "my" normal. I am achy and stiff but no fever and able to return to my usual activities. I have no idea what was wrong but I am grateful to so much "better."

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