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ChlorophyllJillAugust 22, 2004

I visited this forum a while back out of curiousity and it has really touched me. I know most of you are going through unspeakable pain and have created websites dedicated to your loved ones that are so beautiful they have brought me to tears many a time. I think maybe I visited your forum out of curiousity because I fear the day I might lose someone - namely my parents. My mother is in bad health and I worry all the time that I might lose her. But I just wanted to really thank you all who take the time to comfort others - you have taught me to value and love others with all my heart, not to take anyone for granted, and not to sweat the little things. So many times I have found myself getting upset over a small thing with my 11 year old son - then I remember after reading and seeing your tributes to your daughters and sons how terrible it would be if he weren't here. I can't tell you how much that means to me - I really needed to see that love is the most important thing. I want to pray for God's special blessing on all of you who are going through such pain - you are an inspiration to me because so many of you have gone through hell and I can still truly see God in you. I pray for God's hand on all your hearts that he may comfort you in every way, bless you in every way, and like Job in the Bible who lost everything, gain it all back and then some. Thank you with all my heart.


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Thank you Jill. I'm glad you have this perspective of love and life now because sometimes people don't get it until something bad happens. We often take advantage of what we do have until we lose it. One thing that comforts me everyday is that I don't have regrets. I told my son everyday before i left him or before going to sleep how much i loved him. He always said "I love you forever mommy". I will never forget those words. Even if i was upset at him for some reason I couldn't leave him without making it better first. Just make sure you let everyone you care about know how you feel. Just after he died I called everyone I loved most just to tell them that I love them. Now I won't hang up the phone or leave my mom or dad without saying i love you first.

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I thank you also, Jill. I believe that we all learn certain things in this life from each other. I guess that is what we are here for. Through our life experiences, we learn and are able to teach others if they will take the opportunity to learn.
I feel that from the time I was a very little girl, somehow, God must have been preparing me for the losses that I have had to endure. Luckily, I always was well aware that I could lose my loved ones at any minute and I never took any of them for granted. I am so grateful for that.
As Brycesmommy said, I don't have any major regrets either with Christin or my mom. They certainly knew that they were loved by me and I always cherished our time together.
Maybe all of us who have lost our loved ones can continue in this life to help each other deal with their losses. That is what it's all about.
We are not alone in this world with our pains. There is always someone out there who can relate to our heartaches, whether it be death or any other of life's problems.
God bless.

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That's a touching and heartfelt thing to say, Jill, and you say it so well.

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thank you jill....and if and when that day comes that you are dreading we will be here to comfort you....

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