We finally have answers

cyn_der_ellaAugust 7, 2005

Well, we finally got some answers from the medical examiner on Friday. We've been waiting for the autopsy results since May. They concluded that my brother drowned. At first they thought he had heart failure, but he didn't.

So we figure, he was having a diabetic reation and became confused. His lunch was barely eaten, so his sugar levels were probably too low. He went into the hot tub and fell asleep.

I was doing alright, and then wham! All the mixed up emotions hit me again. I feel like I'm dealing with everything from the beginning. The tears won't stop and I feel so wiped out!


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So sorry to hear about the tragedy which has hit your family. Don't worry about crying; it's what you need to do now. Take care.


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Cynthia, I'm so sorry. At least now you know for sure what caused his death. I would imagine that being that you just got this news, the grief seems very raw again. In time, you will be better. I wish I could help.

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I'm so sorry about your brother, Cynthia. Knowing what happened for sure must be a bit of relief.

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I thought with knowing what happened it would bring some sort of closure. But it's not. It's like a bandage has been ripped off and the sore hasn't had enough time to heal.
I don't know how to explain how I'm feeling...there's too much racing through my head. I just miss him so much right now.

Thanks for listening.


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knowing what happened only helps if it bring comfort- there's not much us humans can do about heart attacks.

but having diabetics in the family, the thought of something like that happening to my husband, or my nephew- both of whom we kind of have to keep an eye on to keep their sugar level because they're VERY prone to emotional responses and such during low blood sugar moments...

that would definately not bring me comfort. I'm so sorry for you.

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I am so very sorry (((( hugs)))))

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i am sorry to hear your about your lose but understand your comment on not knowing how to explain how you are feeling. Take care.

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