Taking yourself off Paxil without side effects...???

soozMay 25, 2004

One of my dear friends, J, had been taking Paxil for a few years. J's "situation" that lead to her taking this medication has greatly improved and she is looking forward to stopping Paxil, under her doctor's supervision.

J's doctor advised her to cut her dose in half for a week, so instead of taking 20mg/day, she'd be taking 10 mg/day. Then, cut that down to half again for a week--take 5 mg/day for a week, then stop taking it entirely. In two weeks, she'd be weaned entirely off Paxil.

J's a bit worried about the things she's heard about people trying to come off Paxil, and the side effects. She's heard everything from seizures to flu-like symptoms, to dizziness.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

I've always heard that the longer you take to get off Paxil, the better it is for you...like maybe she should ask her doc if she should take 10 mg/day for two weeks, then 5 mg/day for another 2 weeks, then either stop, or take 5 mg every other day for 2 weeks, then stop entirely.

Thanks for any input!



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Tell her to follow her doctor's advice. He certainly knows more about her than we do and he may have reasons for wanting her to do it that way. She should keep in close touch with him so that if things do not seem to be going well, he can make adjustments.

Above all, she shouldn't worry about things that she has "heard." She doesn't know about what those people's particular circumstances were or what their doctor's had told them to do. There may have been other medications involved. That's just worry that she doesn't need.

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I agree that she should taper off. I was on Paxil a few years ago and decided to quit, so I just stopped taking them. I had a couple very rough days, for me it was more mental side effects and not physical ones. It definately can be an addictive drug.

Good luck to her.

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PeaBee4 is right on everything. In my experience, a two-week taper isn't out of line at all, in fact it's rather generous given the three days I had to discontinue it (and change to a different med).

Yes, there are *discontinuation* effects assoicated with Paxil. Some people have no effects at all when going off, and I say that based on the patients I personally work with as a health care provider. These are NOT side effects of going off an "addictive" drug because Paxil is not addictive.


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Thanks for all the helpful input!

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Sooz -
" the things she's heard about people trying to come off Paxil, and the side effects. She's heard everything from seizures to flu-like symptoms, to dizziness. "

Side effects are most often seen in people suddenly stopping it, not tapering off ... she should follow the dr's instructions. And not blame EVERYTHING on the Paxil: one friend of mine blamed it for a nasty bout of flu-like symkptoms - until her hubby came down with the flu too.

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She should never quit taking an antidepressant without her doctor's advice. My spouse quit taking Depakote on his own and right now he is more depressed than ever. Is she wanting to try another medication or just quit all meds?

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My sister quit cold turkey and had a very terrible few weeks and is very glad to be off it. She found less trust in her doctor who had been prescribing them to her and was grateful that she got off them and out of his life!

I think one should always find a doctor who is a friend or best- a family friend someone who cares and has integrity and ethics.

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Happy update! My friend J successfully weaned herself off Paxil with nothing more than one slight bout of dizziness, and with the doctor's supervision if needed. She extended the doc's recommendation to 2 weeks, so she took 10 mg/day for two weeks, then 5 mg/day for two weeks, then stopped it entirely.

Thanks to all who posted!

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Glad to hear your friend was successful. I'm in week 4 or 5 of trying to wean off - it sucks. I've only taken Paxil for about 6 - 8 months. Every time I step down to a lower dose I get migraines. If I skip it for a day I get the "brain zaps" people describe.

Doctors should warn their patients about Paxil and drugs like it. Granted, some people really need them so they can function, but it's very addictive and nobody seems to acknowledge that.

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I've been extremely slowly been tapering off Paxil, under my doctor's supervision. I was easily able to gradually go from 40mg to 10mg. But, under 10mg, I just get these horrible side effects! After spending months at 10mg, I've begun cutting off the ends off my pills. I've been doing this for 2 weeks and it has been very difficult (mental and physical side effects, such as irritability, mental instability and being short of breath). I've had to wean off Effexor XR and Desyrel before, but Paxil has been the worse. My doctor says such anti-depressants are not addictive... That is just not my impression... I guess people react differently to these meds, but I think doctors should listen to us patients who have suffered from severe side effects while tapering off them. I guess I'm a little sour, especially since a psychiatrist said they should never have given me these meds in the first place!

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I am currently weaning from paxil/paroxetine after over 9 yrs. of taking 20 mg. once a day, every day. First, I must say that I am only one of a long list of family members who have/had anxiety/panic disorders and severe depression (with many suicides). My doctor advised me to take 10 mg. for a week then alternate taking it one day and none the next for another week before completely stopping the medication. The first week of being on only 10 mg. was the worst week of my life! The brain zaps quickly spread to my entire body. (I have experienced brain zaps in the past by missing a regular dosage time but these were the most horrible zaps I could have ever imagined.) I felt like I had the worst flu ever! I even ran a fever. I searched for answers online and found that I was not the only person to experience these awful and terrifying symptoms while trying to withdraw from paxil/paroxetine. The main point on every site I visited was to take the weaning SLOWLY. I called my doctor and she agreed that I would have to go much slower with the weaning. She offered to prescribe the paroxetine in liquid form to make the dosage decreases easier. (I have OCD also but even I can't cut that little piece as tiny as necessary.) I am currently on 12.5 mg. and will stay on this dosage for at least 2 weeks, eventually dropping to 10 mg. I may have to take it one milligram at a time but I will succeed and be paxil/paroxetine free one day! Oh, the reason for my weaning off paroxetine? The weight gain and the tiredness were at the top of my list, but my husband's biggest (and constant) complaint is my total lack of libido. To make a long story short, the one vital suggestion I can offer for anyone weaning off paxil/paroxetine is TAKE IS SLOWLY! Talk to your doctor. It seems some doctors are actually finally admitting that this medication is more than 'just a pill' now. Best of luck to you all!

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Not quite sure how I ended up here. Google is such a weird thing, Still, glad that I did. People here seem to be taking a lot of sense. I've been on paxil/paroxetine for approx 12 years at various dosages, depending on my syptoms. I'm currently taking 30mg a day. I'd really love to be able to come off it but after reading so many horror stories about withdrawls and the like, I'm really quite afraid to even give it a try. Even the thought of trying to wean myself off it and I start with side effects. I have spoken with the practice nurse at my doctors and she agrees that when I do decide to come off it then it's best to do it very slowly. I've actually decided that to wean myself off it I'm gonna do it by a mg a week using the liquid version. In this case it'll take me 30 weeks to come completely off it, which in my mind isn't bad really as long as I reach my goal.

I'll post on here when I start and hopefully keep everyone informed of my progress, this way it may help others with their plight.

I would like to add that I feel paroxetine has really helped me over the years. I've been in some pretty dark and lonly places over the years and without the help from this drug I'm not sure how I'd have made it out of there. I feel this is a very important drug to many in stabalising their lives and giving them a life back. There just comes a time for people when they want to face life without a crutch, and for me that time is now.

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I tried to stop Paroxetin (I have been on it for the past 13 years) by cutting it down to 10mg/mg a day for 15 days, and I started to have panicking side-effects: flushes, trembling, migraines and backaches. Had to start taking it again 20mg/day and am desperate to quit now that my liver (serious liver steatosis/non alcoholic cirrhosis) is affected by this medication which has helped me after shell shock but now I have to get off it. PLEASE HELP ! My psychotherapist does not really help so far..

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I have had a terrible time going from 20mg to 10mg. Just in the past few days I have felt nauseous, diarrhea, night sweats& dizzyness...do you find the liquid to be easier to ease off of it with?

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I have been on Paxil for 13 yrs. I recently asked my physician if I could switch to something else due to weight gain and lack of libido. She switched me Wellbutrin, but told me I still had to wean off the Paxil. My Dr. told me she never prescribes paxil anymore because of all the problems with side effects and withdrawals. She will leave patients on it if they are not having problems, but she does not give to newbies.

I was on 20mg, and weaned off for a month. I have not had paxil in my system for 3 days and am having horrible brain and body zaps, nausea and exhaustion. It worked well for me, but if I missed a dose... it was hell. And I am going through it now even after weaning.

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Update on my friend J. Well, J. successfully went off paxil--in baby steps, over a period of a month--and then in 2006, work stresses had her going back to her doctor and asking to be put back on it.

In 2009, her work situation changed for the better and she once again took herself off Paxil with her doctor's approval. This second time, she noticed a lot of dizziness, even though she said she took herself in even smaller increments and for a longer period of time than the first time. It took her close to three months to come off it, ending up with taking the smallest amount every day for 2 weeks, then every other day for 2 weeks, then every two days for another 2 weeks, then every three days for an additional 2 weeks. Everyone is different of course, but that's how she did it and except for the dizziness, there were no other side effects.

I asked her tonight about brain/body zaps, headaches, nausea etc but she said the only side effects she had coming off it was the dizziness, and that the dizziness was temporary and came and went, didn't last very long, but occurred for a number of weeks. Hope this info is of help--as always, check with your physician! :O)

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I have been talking to God alot.Im so sick dizzy shakes always sleepy.Been off paxil one week and i fell like im dieing.Will this go away oh how i pray.Im short of breath i have nausea.I was on it for six months and im going cold turkey.Will this end are will i have to go back on it

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I have just taken myself off Paxil abruptly, after being on it for about 10 years. I have been on 10 mg. As of 3 days of being off the medication, I can report definite lightheadedness, short attention and irritability. I will keep you posted on my progress. Libido problems were early taken care of with an herbal remedy called "wild oats" in pill form that can be found in health food stores. This seemed to have worked for me for the first few years, when taken 1/2 hour before sex. After a while it lost it's effect. My present state is tiredness, and dizziness. If anyone knows how long this will last that would be great news.

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Gosh, folks, if people who wean themselves off Paxil over a period of time are having issues, of course you're going to have issues going cold turkey!

Have a care for the abrupt process your body and your personal biochemistry is going through because of your personal choice.

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I am having to come off paxil b/c I can't go to Dr. to get a new prescription, I started reading about it and I really do want off I am suffering I am trying to come off some what slow but have been on a long time how on earth does the medical world get by telling people this drug is not addictive. Obviously they have never had to stop the drug or those words could never come out of there mouth, or it has to do with money or fear of law suits. This is horrible I was on 2 20mgs a day to one that did not hurt me I then tried a half a day that was bearable then half every other day on days not taking I am in terror honest and my sister is the same. I am wondering if taking SAMe with the small dose will help me any one take it?

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I have been on Aropax (paroxetine) for about 9 years. After an appointment with a cardiologist, it was confirmed that it was the medication causing my issues, not my heart..also the weight gain.
I have been weaning myself off for a month so far (one tablet every second day and now I'm taking one every third day), and I'm now getting dizzy spells - finding them worse when I'm driving.
It is disappointing that none of this was explained when I was first prescribed the pills - and I feel now I can't function without them.

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I'm taking 20mg paxil twice daily plus 15mg buspar twice a day my dr says i can get off one 20mg paxil and 15mg of buspar want i have some side effects by just getting off the one

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hey... just trying to wean off paxil also... so far on the liquid form..side effects have varied! tired! dizzy. headaches, zaps, but so far it is alittle easier with liquid form... going down every 2.5mg every 4 days per my MD supervision...

anyone else have any ideas

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i have been on paroxetine for i cant remember how long now. i have been on 40mg daily. today i have asked my doctor to tapper me off of it. She has me starting 30mgs for 7days then 20mgs for 7days then 10mgs for 7days and then 10mgs everyother day for 14 days. after reading some of these i am scared. i have had the sexual side effects. i would not take it for 2-3 days so i could have a better time in bed. But after that 2-3rd day i started feeling the effects. I am wondering if since i could do that my side effects wont be bad from coming off that drug. What does anyone else think?

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I have read all the posts, and here is my story. I was on Zoloft for 2 years. I started having severe side effects from taking it, such as; itching, heart racing, no energy, no libido at all, etc. My arms look like a war zone from constant itching. I am so embarassed. I told my doctor about these and he sent me for a stress test. It showed a spot near main artery to heart. The heart doctor wanted to do a heart catherization on me. My doctor had me get a mammogram and a chest xray on heart at my request. They came back normal. He switched me to Paxil. I started having same side effects. So I was weaned off of Paxil, per doctors instructions. My doctor says this medicine is not addictive. I know better. I am living proof. I have been off of these drugs for two weeks and still having terrible side effects, such as; no energy, lack of breath, brain zaps, swelling in lower limbs. I just want to be myself again. My poor husband is suffering also with my irritability among other things. I can't sleep nights. I hope and pray for all of you who really want prayer. There is a way out. There has to be. I keep looking up to my main physician in heaven. He will heal us if we ask Him to. Be patient, He is with us. Will keep all of you informed of my progress on all of this. Hoping to give you good news soon.

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I have been on the generic of paxil (10mg) for about 10 months and am in the process of weaning myself off. I take one pill every other day for one week and beginning this Friday will begin taking 1/2 a pill every other day for one week. I have already experienced the light headed feeling and the shortness of breath. My biggest reason for discontinuing is because of the weight gain. I had kept 35lbs off for over 4 years and in the ten months of being on this drug have gained 16lbs without eating any differently and being more active.

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I am now on day 7 of going cold turkey. I have been on them for probably 10 plus years. I didn't have a clue as to how addictive they were when the doctor first put me on them.

I had been thinking for several years that I needed to go off of them, but I knew from just not having them over a weekend how bad the withdrawal effects were.

Luckily I was heading off for a spiritual retreat and just forgot to take them with me. (I remembered when it was about 10 minutes before boarding time.) I knew I could make a couple of calls and have some waiting for me when I arrived at my destination. Instead I decided to take the plunge.

Once again, thanking God, it hasn't been as bad as I expected. Definitely some headaches, so I have been popping a few more Tylenols. I have gotten the twinges and shots of electricity but not as bad as those days when I had forgotten to fill the prescription. I'm back to menopause again with the hot flashes :). But so far, the withdrawal affects have been comparatively minimal.

Hey I went through menopause once and made it through so I figure I can do it again. I definately wouldn't say that this is for everyone, but I surely know that at this point in time that I have NO interest in taking one of those pink pills. By the way, I had been on the 20mg dosage throughout the whole time.

Wish me luck and I wish you all luck that are considering it.

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Wow it's so nice to know I'm not the only one going through this. I too was put on Paxil about 7 months ago for depression. I wish I could say it was for something traumatic but my dog died and I didn't handle it well. But my doctor also said that my symptoms could be that of a chemical imbalance. Anxiety and depression runs deep in my family. I had had a few panic attacks in my 30 years. But fortunately nothing near what most of my family has gone through. Anyways, I messed up and took my last pill Friday night and couldn't get it filled until Monday morning. Let me tell you that was the dumbest thing I have ever done. I didn't think it would be that bad. I didn't know what the feeling of what I described as power surges were. Now I know its part of the side effects of missing the medicine. I came to work and had was in the worst mood i'd ever been in. Everything had me on edge. I even found myself snapping at my mother when she called. I knew that something was wrong. Being the "googler" I immediately got online and went to searching the side effects of missing the medicine. Zaps apparently are what I refered to as surges throughout my entire body. It's just a weird feeling. Nothing that is painful just weird. I called my boss and asked to go home. The entire drive home I was twitching and feeling those "zaps." I made it home in time to take my meds and a dose of zanex to fall into my bed and burst into tears. I did manage to fall asleep and rest for about 4 hours. Once I woke up I felt some better. I tossed and turned the rest of the night having just some crazy dreams. By this morning I was ok but felt just mellow. Kinda like I was having a slight buzz from a drink. But as of this very moment I feel like I'm on top of the world and back to my old self. I have had the opposite effect of some saying they had weight gain. I've had more energy and exercise more and actually losing weight. I want to get off it because I hate being medicine dependent but at the same time it scares me because I'm afraid to lose this amazing feeling I have and the energy it has given me. I will say this much I've never done a drug in my life and the feeling of "withdrawl" that I had yesterday made me feel for those people trying to quit drugs. It's a horrible feeling and you just can't seem to get a hold of yourself. You can't describe to anyone how you feel except to say that you feel that you're not in control. I wish everyone who is going through this the best. Thought maybe my story might help someone know they are not alone. :)

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I haver been on paxil for seven years. I want off, as I would prefer to be med free. I have weaned from 37.5 once a day to one every other day. I then went to half every other day for a week. now I am five days off. Yesterday, I started having alot of anxiety. I don't believe it is my anxiety disorder, it feels like coming off the med. I drank a bunch of wine, and that helped. Today, I obviously am not doing that again. How long do these side effects go for? should I expect to feel like myself by tomorrow? All of you who have come off, I am assuming it was worth it. I guess I just have a few more days to get through.

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Seven years ago I took an Oxycut wieght loss pill. It set off a panic attack that lasted from February to June. And I mean it was a full fledged attack, racing heart, crying, etc. for five solid motnhs, I lost 30lbs, I could bearly function. I couldn't leave the house and breath at the same time. The paxil got it under control. Paxil was a very good choice at the time. I had tried Buspar with worse effects,the paxil made me feel normal again.

Now after seven years, my husband and son comment on how much my personality has changed,I have gained back the weight I lost plus another 40lbs. I have sexual dysfunction and still have a few break through anxiety attacks. I decided to wean off with out telling my doctor. I did it pretty well, as you can see in the above post. Today is day 8.

What I didn't realize is that no one was talking about how long it takes to get off. I weaned the way I was supposed to. The withdrawls didn't come until a few days being completely off. I have now found some obscure websites that say it takes 10-25 days/ 2-6 weeks to get rid of all of the withdrawls. Every day gets better,so I don't think I'll be on the longer side, but boy does this suck. The electrical surges, food aversions, stomach problems,dizziness, exhaustion, etc.

The side effects are managable. I have not taken anything to ease them. I am making it to work, although I am so exhausted I can't wait to get home. My husband, son and co-workers have been wonderfully supportive. My anxiety has been fine.

I can't believe that with today's technology, they have not found medications that do what they are supposed to with out this very addictive quality. I have heard that Paxil is non addictive. I have not read the actual definition of addictive,but if I need to wean off for this amount of time and have withdrawls as long and as intense as I do, I would call it addictive.

I have had a decent amount of medical experience, so I think I weanned off well. If you are planing on coming off, talk to your doctor and do it under thier care.

Unless something horrible happens, I plan never to go back on this med. If I need more anxiety help, which I probably will (I already do counseling, meditation and healthy eating), I will ask my doctor for a short lived med.

Good luck everyone. It is too bad more people do not look at this post, or have a good active blog for Paxil and other meds. The support of smart people who have been through what you have been is priceless. Thank you for everyone who posted here over the past years, I hope my posts help others.

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This has been my personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt. Your experience may be different.

I've been taking Paxil since 2005. It is now August 2012. I have tried to stop taking it twice. The last time I tried to stop was July of 2011. The reason I stopped are twofold: sexual drive and inability to have more children. We had two children right before I started taking this medicine and my doctor gave me no warnings as to the fertility side effects. She may not have known about it. Although today it's apparent that fertility is a definite side effect of SSRI's.

The second time that I stopped taking Paroxetine (Paxil) it took approximately 2 - 2 1/2 weeks to experience the first shock wave. And it was very bad. Let me first say that I tried something similar to the 20mg, 10mg, 5mg downgrade in dosage for 4 weeks before I completely stopped taking it. I shudder to imagine what the experience would have been if I had gone cold turkey.

After some delusional thinking and hallucinations along with 5 days of insomnia I decided to go back on the meds. It just wasn't worth it at the time and with being the primary breadwinner in the family. It took a little over a week of taking the meds again to finally come to some semblance of normalcy.

My advice, if you plan on having a family stay away from this drug and deal with the panic attacks/stress. Or, take St. John's Wort.

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I have been taking Paxil for 8 years now and no longer have the stressors in my life that made me go on it. I have weaned myself from 50mg to 25 mg, and now 25mg every second day over the past 2 weeks. I have been reading all of the postings for advice and to see if others are suffering the same symptoms...I found a bit about physical effects but very little about emotional. I have been getting brain zaps (I call them flutters)every few minutes, worse if I bend over, a bit better if I eat something. A severe session of flutters effects my short-term memory and I spend a great deal of time remembering what I was doing or wanted to do. I have headaches every evening and wake every 2 hours at night, sometimes failing to get back to sleep after waking at 4 AM.
I have had some emotional rebound effects. I was incapable of crying for the past three years, but the floodgates are open now. I even get tears fron sentimental commercials!Hopefully this will diminish over time.
One thing I am trying is cutting back on caffiene. Too much coffee can give similar side effects and I am dealing with enough already.
Does anyone have advice on managing symptoms? How long will I have these flutters? When do the headaches end? How long before I can sleep well again?

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I went from 20 mg a day to 40 because I was having severe panic attacks. After about 8 months I asked my doctor and she ok'd me to go back to 20 mg a day. I did have a couple of minor panic attacks that week but I believe it was totally in my head worrying that my attacks would start back up. Now @ 4 months on 20 mg and hardly ever an attack (Was having 10+ major attacks a day prior to Paxil) I am switching to 10 mg. (havent told the dr yet but will today) for the past three days on only 10mg I have had no ill effects and I hope to be able to drop to 5mg next week then be off by june 1st the latest.

Good luck to all those who are well enough to start lower doses or to get off totally. I thank God for Paxil but I am also looking forward to the day to be free of it!

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To "M" who said Paxil isn't addicting it sure the heck is! You can call it "discontinuation effects" if you want to but that's just calling it a different name. I don't expect any less from you since you are a health care worker. You are conditioned to tell people Paxil isn't addicting. If Paxil wasn't addicting you wouldn't have to go through withdrawal symptoms. It's no different than a heroin addict going through withdrawal symptoms. Would you call a person on heroin going through withdrawals that heroin isn't addicting? You are just going through "discontinuation effects?"

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I have been taking Paxil for about 7 years. I have cut myself down from 40mg to 10mg with no problems. I am now trying 5mg. I missed about 4 days and am experiencing nausea and diarrhea. I feel like I could throw up all the time. If I just quit at this point how long could I expect this to last? I want OFF this stuff BAD!!

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I have been taking Paxil for about 7 years. I have cut myself down from 40mg to 10mg with no problems. I am now trying 5mg. I missed about 4 days and am experiencing nausea and diarrhea. I feel like I could throw up all the time. If I just quit at this point how long could I expect this to last? I want OFF this stuff BAD!!

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I have been taking Paroxetine for about 10 years. I have hovered between 10 and 20mg over the years, but have been on 10mg for about a year now. These tablets are most definitely addictive as my new doctor confirmed. I decided to wean myself off and went down to 5mg. Then I started to have a clear day in between for about 8 days. I've been off completely now for 5 days. I have had the worst dizzy spells with awful nausea, brain freeze, headaches and hot and cold flushes. My concentration has been poor as well. I'm determined to ride it through though. Reading the posts from others on this forum has been a blessing as I don't feel quite so alone in what I'm experiencing. I wasn't sure if it was just me, but now I know that it all goes with coming off this drug. Withdrawal is the pits.

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I hope all get free of these drugs the only problem the doctors are not held responsible for putting patience on them, they all get a free pass for killing people.They studied 66,026 Paxil users from FDA. Among them, 762 have death

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hey, guys. after i've read this chat, i've decided to take action and temper off myself from paroxetine, as my doctor has always denied (as most of the psychiatrists) that paroxetine develops addiction. So, I've believed her for six years, and have kept taking paroxetine, even though i knew i was not myself with it. probably, i won't go into much details, but i just really want to say THANK YOU for posting your experiences here, because after reading the ways you guys temperred of paroxetine, i have used the same method (I took at the very beginning of my illness 40mg, then ME MYSELF came to a decision that i don't need that much, and i started taking half of the pill. it was a big problem for me for some 4 years that i couldn't further split the pills, as they are made in two halves, so i finally purchased a special pills' cutter (after again doing researcg online on my own, my doctor was completely worthless at this point. im still anrgy at them, as they have a right to PUT you ON antidepressants, but they give you no advice WHATSOEVER of how to temper off). after purchasing the cutter i used to take 10mg daily for some two years. all the times that i tried to quit the drugs, i culdn't, my doctor kept telling me i had to continue taking them, because supposedly 'my brain asked for these drugs, because i was not ready to temper off' and kept denying that they are addictive. i believed her for those two years,and now, after reading this chat, i finally found my way of weaning myself off this shit. it's now a month i'm free, and i used the same method you advised - i started taking only 5mg for some two weeks, and afterwards i noticed i didn't need them at all. !! i feel like im a human being again. and i too see how wrong it is to trust those 'professionals' who have no idea what they do. i'm also aware that i've wasted six years of my life by doing things without any direction, by not being able to make any sense of y social relationships. i don't feel perfect now (neither did i when i took the meds), but at least i feel like myself and i look for solutions. i also think antidepressnts do not solve your problems, they only delay them up to the point when you feel ready to deal with them. but i feel six years have been far too long for me, and i felt i could have dealt with things earlier. at least i'm doing this now. cheers, and i encourage you all VERY much to take the step if you're thinking about it and furthermore, to ignore doctors advice when you feel it's not right.

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