Newly Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Tips please

Seamer1May 19, 2011

I was recently diagnosed with FMS. I am relieved in a way to finally put a name to what I am going thru. Having tremendous pain, and quite a bit of fatigue. What tips can other sufferers give to me. I have an appointment with A rhumetologist, but it is a ways off. TIA

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I am able to handle the pain in the daytime, though it does limit some of my activities. My biggest problem is sleeping. Lyrica helps. Cyclobenzaprine helps. I habituate to both of them if I take them on a consistent basis. I would start with cyclobenzaprine, which is inexpensive and doesn't seem to have any side effects. Lyrica is expensive and leaves me a little groggy. I also take an inexpensive seretonen reuptake inhibitor. It was supposed to help me to sleep. It helps me to stay asleep, but not fall asleep.

You will want to be tested to make sure that your vit. D levels are optimal. I suggest you go on a gluten free, dairy free diet and see if that helps. It will take several weeks of very careful eating to know for sure.

The chronic fatigue is really difficult to deal with if you still have to work. I retired early since my husband was able to support both of us.

I was in terrible pain for years and years before I saw a rheumatologist. I considered suicide. My GP just didn't care about pain. I am glad that you are starting out with the right kind of doctor. If you don't get help with the pain, find someone else.

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I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, and most of the symptoms of AS and FMS are very VERY similiar, so I can give you good advice. Alot of people with AS also have FM.

I second the Vitamin D reccomendation, I think that is the first importants step and cannot stress enough you need to have your levels checked ASAP. Low vitamin D is common in AS and FMS and indeed low vitamin d causes, you guessed it, muscle pain.

The reason you are tired and fatigued, even if you get a good nights sleep, is because your body is in a state of inflammation. This makes your body fight hard.

Try eating a healthy, balanced diet free from processed foods. Change your white pastas to the whole grain kinds, some even have added omegas from flax.

I dealth with this since I was 20, trying to find a diagnosis. I was diagnosed at 37. I know. Long time. Gps told me its in my head, I am too young to have arthritis, blah blah. I had a cat scan to check on some fluid in my abdomen after having my gallbladder out, and the radiologist happened to notice that my Sacro-illiac joint ( the bottom part of your spine) was fused- which is why I had pain in that area, all that inflammation and pain as my AS was turning cartiliage into bone. That radiologist suggested I might have AS, and BANG- my life has changed.

I have pain releif to take as needed, I am experimenting with different treatments, but the most beneficial thing was researching and finding a routine that works for me.

My best friend is my heating pad. I have a large one- and I also have a full body one- ask if you are interested in where to find a full body heating pad. Every morning I get my coffee, and recline on my heating pad.

I eat well, I get excersise - even when it hurts, the fresh air and sun really help.

ANother good thing you can do is join a support group-

But go get your vitamin D tested.

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