anyone know of any site updating software

DUKELOWFebruary 28, 2002

A friend has asked me to create a web-site for an estate agents (a real estate company). Here is the problem - once the site is up and running he wants to be able to update it himself. Is there a neat bit of software that can do this and be simple enough to be used by a non web designer?

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I don't know of any software on the market, but you should look into creating the interface he's looking for yourself.

The hospital I work at now has an online job database that the HR staff can add, edit and delete jobs from without talking to me.

You just create forms like the forum ones and have the information store in a database.

The fun part is error checking. Oh yeah... lots of fun. If it can be done... they will do it and do it wrong. ;-)

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There is a very good book out on website automation. You might look into it. It comes with a CD that has utilities for doing this.

Website Automation toolkit


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Thanks very much for the info.

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