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ericasjFebruary 28, 2005

Hi - I'm just starting to help work on our library's website. For children's programs, we try to put up the current flyer for people to look at online. It has generally been in a .bmp file on a page by itself.

The problem is, when you go to that page, the image is really small. If you hover your cursor over the image, a tool pops up with four arrows that lets you enlarge it--but I don't think most people know to do that. Is there any way to make it display larger to begin with?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I put lots of flyers online and I always save them as .jpg files and put them in an html file. That way I have control over the size. I use .jpg's because they are compressed. The flyer that you linked to above is 1.8mb's!!! It took forever to download with my dial-up connection. With it being just a black and white flyer, you should be able to save as a .jpg and it would be much smaller in kb's.

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I second MaryAnn's answer! bmp files are way to big for displaying on web pages. Converting them to jpg files is the best thing to do and they will not loose any quality that is noticeable.

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