ear infections

aellis722May 30, 2014

What are some causes of ear infections? I get a ear infection all the time in my right ear usually 2to3 times a year. Are there any home remedies I could do at home that might help heal it up. I already use ear plugs when im in a pool or shower to prevent water from getting in there. What are some things that can be done to prevent them from coming back?

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Try using hydrogen peroxide in the ears and if you hear it bubbling you know there is something there [possible infection] This help keep the ears clean and sterile

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I don't know about ears, they are not recommending HP for cuts scratches, etc. anymore. They say it causes more harm than good. I would recommend going to an appropriate doctor, an ear specialist.

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I had to do a long search web search before I found anyone saying anything bad about HP and they were promoting drugs.
hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 it is water with one extra oxygen molecule. A lot of rain falls as HP and quickly changes back to water losing the extra oxygen.
I might got to the doctor so he can tell me what it might be ut I know that if I want it cured its up to me. They only have drugs to treat symptoms

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Go to an ENT doctor.

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I use vodka. A couple drops in each ear a couple or three times a week. Has been working for me for years. I am a swimmer.

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Doug, what I read was for cuts and scraps so they were not promoting drugs. It was something that came out in our local paper.

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Thanks everyone for all the replies. I have used hydrogen peroxide allot for all my ear problems, that was recommended my the doctor. In the past I have had some success with equal parts vinegar and rubbing alcohol. This last time I just used hp and saw some ear drops at the vitamin shoppe that has grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil from a company called nutribiotic that seemed to work well although they are it is very thick.

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